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Emergency Information

Child Development Center

Emergency Alarm and Warning System:

MSSU Mass Notification System by Simplex-Grinnell began installation in April of 2010. The system is activated by MSSU University Police during emergency events to notify the campus community inside buildings so equipped and outside from a speaker array on strategically located buildings. For further information visit MSSU's web site.

Tornado Information:

Drills are conducted monthly at various times of occupancy and plans are reviewed yearly. During a Tornado Warning occupants are to go to the lowest level of the building away from windows and doors.

Fire Exit(s):

Emergency exits are located so they exit to the outside of the building on the south and west sides, the main entrance exits into a hallway that leads to the west outside entrance/exit. During a fire emergency leave the building by the closest outside exit and move away from the affected building to a gathering point. Fire drills are conducted monthly at various times of occupancy and plans are reviewed yearly.

Injuries Accident Reports:

Injuries, medical attention or emergencies are to be reported to MSSU University Police at 626-2222 or ext.2222 . A report is completed for non-emergency incidents and placed in your child’s folder for your convenience. In the case of an emergency, you will be notified immediately after Emergency Services is called. It is imperative that you provide immediate contact information for your child’s file.

Bomb Threat Drills:

These drills are referred to as Dangerous Situations/Natural Disaster and are conducted on a monthly bases at various times of occupancy in the Lion Cub Academy. Plans are reviewed annually.

Snow or other Inclimate Cancellations:

The Lion Cub Academy will be open any time the Missouri Southern State University campus and/or offices are open. Notification of Cancellation is facilitated via all local television and other media outlets.

Christopher Houk, Coordinator - Fire Safety & Environmental Health

Tel: 417-659-5490