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Student Employment Office

Financial Aid

How To Apply for On- or Off-Campus Jobs

Student Employment and Work-Study jobs are applied for through Hire-A-Lion

Student Employment Vs. Work-Study

Roary, the mascot is a Student EmploymentStudent employment is any on-campus student job that does not require work-study eligibility.  The majority of on-campus student employment jobs available are not work-study jobs.

Work-study is a federally funded program that is designed to help provide jobs for students who have financial need.  Students apply for work-study eligibility by completing a FAFSA. Not all students are eligible for work-study. Eligibility is determined based on your financial need. To find out if you are work-study eligible contact the Financial Aid Office or the Student Employment Coordinator.

All students working on-campus must meet the following requirements:

Student employees working on-campus are allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours per week and are paid a minimum $7.70 per hour. These jobs do not receive any employee benefits.

Employer Resources

Student Employment Request/Change Form

Student Employment Termination Form