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U.S. Copyright Law and Software Licensing

Copyright Infringement Policy

  1. All computer software is protected by the federal copyright law. It is illegal to make or distribute copies of copyrighted material without authorization.
  2. The copyright owner may grant copying privileges for certain software. These special provisions will be specified in the documentation, license agreement, or in the software package.
  3. The user does have the right to make a backup copy for archival purposes.
  4. Under no circumstances should copyrighted software be distributed outside the university through any mechanism, electronic or otherwise.
  5. You are responsible for being aware of the licensing restrictions for the software you use on any system. Lack of knowledge does not justify a violation of the law.
  6. When in doubt, do not copy. Violation of copyright law of licensing agreements may result in university disciplinary action and/or may result in legal action.
  7. In order to receive user support from the Computer Center, from microcomputer lab assistants, or from vendors, you may be asked to produce the manuals, serial numbers, or original diskettes as proof of proper software licensing.

Disciplinary Action

It is the expectation of the University that all students abide by the terms of this policy. If a student violates this policy, the University may subject the student to immediate disciplinary action, up to and including suspension. Prosecution under applicable state and federal laws may also be pursued.

*This information can be found in the 2016-2017 Student Handbook on page 55-56.