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Student Eligibility Requirements

  1. The student must be granted degree-seeking admission status. This status means
    the student has graduated from an accredited high school, has a GED, or has proof of
    successful home school completion and has provided ACT or SAT scores if needed.
  2. The student is enrolled in an eligible program of study.
  3. The student is a U.S. citizen or is a permanent resident of the U.S., or is in the U.S.
    for other than temporary purposes with the intention of becoming a U.S. citizen.
  4. The student must not be in default or owe a refund or overaward to any Title IV
  5. Male Students are required to register with the Selective Service, although the Higher
    Education Act of 1965 (HEA) makes exceptions.
  6. The student must file a statement of educational purpose by successfully completing a FAFSA.
  7. The student must not have prior convictions for possessing or selling illegal drugs
    while they were enrolled and receiving federal Title IV aid.