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Graduate Highlight: Haydon Kisling

By: Olivia Ryckman | Published: May 08, 2024 | Categories: MOSO Minute
Graduate Highlight: Haydon Kisling

While helping others move and improve the quality of their lives, Hayden Kisling himself is moving in the right direction as he graduates from Missouri Southern with his kinesiology degree in health promotion and wellness.

Kisling enjoyed every part of the kinesiology department. The curriculum is challenging, but Kisling assures that professors always provide the help and guidance students need.

“The curriculum at times can be challenging, but at the same time you are constantly learning new things,” said Kisling. “However, the professors care about you and want you to succeed. The program does a great job of preparing you for whatever you are planning on doing next.”

Gaining relevant work experience and knowledge aren’t the only invaluable elements of Kisling’s time at MSSU. Building relationships with students and faculty was an important aspect.

“I have met a lot of new and interesting people during my time at MSSU and have built friendships that will continue after graduation,” said Kisling.

Kisling has also gained valuable physical therapy experience during his internship at SERC Physical Therapy, an outpatient clinic in Webb City. There, he worked alongside great coworkers and previewed the impact his future profession could make on others.

"The most rewarding part was seeing patients progress and being motivated to come to physical therapy and return to their prior state,” he said. “As a therapist, it’s fulfilling when your patients discharge and feel like a new person. I want to be able to help people like this someday.”

Kisling also participated in this year’s Student Research Symposium where he presented research on if a strength training program influences the body composition of college football players. Using the data from a former kinesiology student who works with the MSSU strength and conditioning team, Kisling’s research was a success, and his findings will be used in the team’s future training programming.

After graduating, Kisling plans to enjoy time with friends and family, work in the field, and apply to graduate school to earn his Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

“I’ve loved my time at MSSU, and I am looking forward to what is next in line for me,” said Kisling. “I’m excited for the journey this career will bring.”