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Graduate Highlight: Riley McFall

By: Olivia Ryckman | Published: December 15, 2023 | Categories: MOSO Minute
Graduate Highlight: Riley McFall

When Riley McFall walked across the stage on Saturday, he became the first person in the United States to hold a certificate in Behavioral Neuroscience.

The certificate was added to MSSU’s psychology department catalogue in Fall 2023, and McFall had taken all the courses required to earn it.

“I was initially taking all of the courses I could that revolved around the brain,” said McFall. “The certificate happened to be something that I was working towards when it was introduced to the psychology department. I was amazed at the fact that I became the first to receive this accomplishment, and it truly does encapsulate what I want to do and what I have devoted my life to these past few years.”

Riley's professors are also impressed with his accomplishment.

"Riley is a student who has learned how to approach college: Find something you like, become curious about it, and take the time to grow with it,” said Dr. Joseph Boomer, assistant psychology professor at MSSU. “He was able to earn a credential that no one else has yet to receive. This will be useful information for potential employers who may be on the lookout for someone with his knowledge.”

McFall enjoyed his time at MSSU, crediting his college experience for expanding his knowledge of his field and strengthening his work ethic.

“The professors in the psychology and biology departments were all incredible,” said McFall. “The relationships I’ve formed here have made a positive impact on my life that I don’t think I would have received anywhere else.”After graduating with the certificate, as well as his bachelor’s in psychology and minor in biology, McFall plans to become certified in polysomnography, a study used to diagnose sleep disorders, and possibly travel for work.