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Lion Co-Op


Eat, Learn, Graduate, Give


The Lion Co-Op was founded to help students who are dealing with food insecurity…a reduction in the quality or variety of food intake, which often results in disrupted eating patterns. In other words, many college students don’t have money to buy enough food or quality food. Lack of adequate nutrition can be a considerable obstacle to academic success. 


What does the Lion Co-Op Provide?

  • Food and personal items to students, faculty, staff, and Lion Cubs
  • Hosts an experiential classroom that can be used by any discipline (use your prefix with #488)


Who can use the Lion Co-Op?


Any student or employee of MSSU, you just need a Lion Card


How do I get items and what can I get?

  • Shop at the Lion Co-op at the Residential Life Emergency Shelter, bring your Lion Card
  • Place an online order on Localline and pickup at the RLES, bring your Lion Card.
    • Instructions for using localline –
        1. Register if a first-time user with your MSSU email (or log in); wait for email confirmation
        2. You will be asked to provide your billing address. This is just part of the account set-up. You will never be billed. The Lion Co-op is a free service.
        3. View Product catalog (you can sort by category)
        4. Select items.
        5. When you’ve finished, click “Check out”
        6. Select your Pick Up location
        7. Select your pick-up date.
        8. Add special requests (for example; food allergies, toiletry scent preferences)
        9. Place Order
        10. Order Pickups are at the Lion Co-op in the MSSU Residential Life Emergency Shelter

The Lion Co Op


How can you be involved?


Share your research and partnership proposals

How to make a donation

Items can be dropped off on the first floor of Hearnes, BSC Lions Den or in the entrances of the Residential life Emergency Shelter

Things that are in high demand are : microwavable entrees like – mac and cheese, ramen noodles, soups; snack food – granola bars, fruit snacks, peanut butter and crackers; Other food items: peanut butter, instant mashed potatoes, jam; Personal Hygiene items: toilet paper, deodorant, body soap

Donations can also be made through the MSSU Foundation.


Opportunities to Volunteer with the Lion Co-Op

  • Time 
    • Assist during open hours of operation, filling orders and checking out patrons 
    • Pick up donations from donation boxes around campus and the community 
    • Organize donations, track inventory and stock shelves 
  • Coordinate donation drives with the Lion Co-Op with your organization, group or club 
  • Internships and Practicums 
    • Interdisciplinary opportunities for internships and practicum students including Health Promotions, Social Work, Marketing, Communication and Technical Writing and more.  Build career skills and experience while earning educational credits through projects such as Adopt-A-Lion, social media & marketing campaigns, grant writing, and food system research.  


If you would like more information regarding volunteer opportunities please sign up here or
 scan the QR code to sign up.Co-op-QR2.png