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Biology & Environmental Health Department

About our Department

Welcome to the Biology and Environmental Health Department at Missouri Southern State University. Part of the College of Health, Life Sciences, and Education, our department consists of 12 full-time faculty who will help you achieve your educational goals. We are diversely trained and include doctors of several professions (DVM, MD, and PhDs) and other professionally credentialed scientists (MS, CSP, REHS). Exceptional teaching and exposure to high-quality research are two of our primary goals. Many of our faculty are active researchers and industry professionals. We will help prepare you to achieve your career goals with the analytical and scientific skills that you will gain within and outside of the classroom.

Why Biology?

Biologists study life by investigating form, function, development and evolution across the diversity of all living things. Knowledge is only useful when shared and applied, and there is no better way of gaining knowledge about life than to experience it first-hand. We offer a wide array of courses that will prepare you for many different career paths in Biology. Degree path options include General Biology, Ecology and Conservation Biology, and Biomedical Sciences. Our majors enter fields such as biotechnology and bioinformatics, ecology and conservation biology, basic research and biology education, as well as health-related careers in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy science and physical therapy.

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Why Environmental Health and Saftey?

The Environmental Health field is dedicated to protecting the human environment. The Environmental Health Program allows you to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Health or a Bachelor of Applied Science in Environmental Health. Those working in the environmental health profession keep our environment healthy and safe from chemical, biological, physical and radiological hazards. Our B.S. in Environmental Health and Safety degree program is one of only 28 nationally accredited undergraduate programs focused on this field of study.

Contact The Department

Dr. Mary (Katie) Kilmer
Chair, Biology & Environmental Health Department
Rachael Gilmore
Faculty Administrative Assistant