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Respiratory Care Preceptor

Steps to Start the Preceptor Program

1. Review the Preceptor Guide51559387995_41d1850e67_k.jpg

2. Complete the Preceptor Application Form

3. View the presentation "The Adult Learner and the Preceptor Education" then take the Preceptor Quiz and submit 

4. Download the competency forms for Chest Percussion and Postural Drainage PDF  and O2 Concentrator PDF for the Student Video.

5. Using the Chest Percussion Competency Form and the O2 Concentrator Form, rate the student on the  videos using the 2, 1, 0, or NA in the check boxes to correctly identify effective skills.  Complete the form with your name, date, and Pass or Fail

6. View the Student Performance Videos Chest Percussion and Postural Drainage Video and O2 Concentrator Video.

7. Email your evaluations of Chest Percussion and Postural Drainage, O2 Concentrator, and a copy of your Preceptor Quiz to .

Thank  you for your participation in the MSSU Preceptor Program!

If you have additional questions, contact:

Janice Dunaway, MS, RRT, RCP 
Phone: 417-659-4453