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Mass Communication Degree

About the Degree:

Whether it's with a newspaper reporter, a vendor of computer software, a colleague in an office halfway around the world, or your boss sitting just a few feet away from you, building effective communication skills is absolutely essential in today's world. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication, you will develop the knowledge and skills to effectively communicate in public and private work environments.

What Can I Do With This Major?

Your Future with Our Mass Communication degree

As a graduate of Missouri Southern's mass communication program, you'll harness your social energy into a fulfilling, life-long career. More opportunities exist than we can list. Picture yourself in one of these positions:

  • Work in the growing media field as a social media manager.
  • Write articles for magazines and newspapers.
  • Report news on television or radio as a broadcaster.
  • Maintain a blog or other internet platforms.

What You’ll Learn:

  • To demonstrate effective verbal, critical thinking, writing and problem-solving skills.
  • To demonstrate professional competence leading to employment in chosen area or related field.
  • To demonstrate the ability to function as part of a diverse team to create, implement, and evaluate a communication strategy.

This Degree is Great for You if:

  • You want to be a television or radio news reporter or anchor.
  • You want to work in or run a public relations office or business.
  • You want to create and operate a blog or otherwise work on the internet.