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Physical Sciences Department

Geology , the study of the processes shaping planet earth, is of interest to civil engineers, environmental scientists, geographers, and biologists. Professionals find their background in geology useful for graduate studies, land-use planning, assessment of natural environmental hazards, resource development, and waste disposal. Geology Course Listing

Geophysics studies the underlying forces responsible for geologic processes and develops the technology for probing the subsurface and deep interior of the earth. Professional geophysicists work to understand the nature of volcanic eruptions, the behavior and potential for earthquakes, the mechanisms behind continental drift, how to better predict the behavior of the atmosphere, and to develop technologies to search for new mineral and energy resources. 

Geology at Southern

Southern participates in a transfer program with the University of Missouri at Rolla which allows students to complete their first two years of study for a Bachelor of Science degree in either geology or geophysics at Missouri Southern and then transfer to UMR for the completion of the last two years of the degree. The program is flexible and allows students to transfer to other schools in Missouri, such as University of Missouri at Columbia and Southwest Missouri State University.

Additionally, geology courses at Southern supplement other major areas of study, such as Ecolonomics, Environmental Health, Geography, and state certification in middle and secondary education.

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