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Refund Policy

(Except for Residence Hall Charges)

Financial Aid

During the course of any semester, if a student finds it necessary to drop individual classes or fully withdraw from the

University, the fee refund policy is as follows:

For Fall and Spring Semesters

Prior to the end of the first two weeks of classes 100% refund
Third and fourth week 50% refund
After the fourth week 0% refund

For Summer Semester

Prior to the end of the first week of classes 100% refund
Second week 50% refund
After second week 0% refund

For Intersession

No refund of fees after first day of intersession classes.

Withdrawal from classes during the 50% refund period means that the student will be responsible for 50% of the cost of

tuition and fees. Withdrawal from classes after the fourth week, the student will be responsible for 100% of the

cost of tuition and fees.

NOTE: Dates may vary for Off-Schedule classes. Withdrawal and refund of fees information listed only pertains to full-term

classes. Students must contact the Registrar’s Office for information on off-schedule courses.

To be eligible for a refund, the student must formally complete a drop form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office within the

refund period. If the student is withdrawing from the University completely, he or she must complete a withdrawal

form with the University Exit Counselor within the published deadline dates. Failure to attend classes will not constitute a withdrawal.