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Financial Aid Renewal

Financial aid is not automatically renewed unless the program specifically states that you do not have to reapply. All Federal financial aid programs require recipients to reapply each year. Even if you reapply each year, you may not receive the same program or the same dollar amount of funds awarded the previous year. If you have a question concerning whether your financial assistance requires you to reapply each year, you should contact the administrator of the program.

Financial Aid

Federal Aid:

If you applied for Federal financial aid last year, you should receive a renewal reminder directly from the Federal Processing Center. This email will be sent to the email address you provided on the last FAFSA you completed. You can also log into the FAFSA  website to determine if you are eligible to to complete a renewal application. If you have moved, changed dependency status or filed after January you may not use the renewal option.


What is a Renewal Application?

A Renewal Application is a form available online, that can be completed rather than completing the entire FAFSA. The form reflects your previous year data that you can update with current information and use as an application for federal aid. You do not have to complete the Renewal application, if you prefer to file a new FAFSA you may do so. If you have filed your FAFSA or Renewal FAFSA on the Web, you will receive an Electronic Access Code.


When will I receive the form?

You should receive a renewal reminder email from the Federal Processing Center at the email address you provided on your previous application. This should be received between December 1 and January 30. If you do not receive the form by February 1 you should complete the online FAFSA. A paper FAFSA can also be requested by contacting the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 1-800-4-FED-AID.


 Do I have to fill out the Renewal Application?

No! However, if you wish to receive federal aid for the upcoming aid year you must file a renewal application or a new FAFSA. Which option you choose is up to you.  


State Aid:

Most Missouri State programs require the recipient to reapply each year. If you have a special program such as the Bright Flight Scholarship Program, you must meet specific requirements to retain the scholarship. If there is any doubt about the funding you are receiving you should contact the Administrator of the program.


Institutional Aid:

Fortunately, the majority of financial aid at Missouri Southern is automatically renewable. Each program has a specific criteria to meet to retain these awards. Students failing to meet the criteria may appeal the loss of their awards. However, Foundation scholarships require recipients to reapply each year. Forms are available in the Financial Aid Office and on our website.