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Entrance and Exit Counseling

Financial Aid

As a borrower there are several types of loan programs; each loan having it's own requirements of entrance and exit counseling. Loans are generally divided into Perkins and Stafford Loans. If you have both types of loans, you must complete both types of loan counseling.

Failure to complete the entrance counseling will result in no loan funds being credited to your student account. You do not need to perform loan counseling again at Missouri Southern if you complete both types of counseling.

When you drop below half time status or fail to enroll, you must complete the online exit counseling. Failure to complete exit counseling could result in the default of your loan, which is a severe consequence.

Please see below for the type of loan you have and then select entrance or exit counseling.

After completing entrance loan counseling for your Stafford Loan, you must sign a promissory note for the loan. Effective immediately, you must go to the Department of Education's Direct Loan website to sign your Stafford loan using your PIN number(same as on the FAFSA). If you do not have a PIN number, you may go to the PIN registration site to receive a PIN number. No paper promissory note will be sent to you. If you do not complete the Master Promissory Note on the Web, you will not receive a Stafford Loan.  

If you have any questions regarding Entrance and Exit Counseling, call Financial Aid at 417-625-9325