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Ability to Benefit

Financial Aid

Students admitted to the college after January 1, 1991, as "special students" or "non-regular" students do not meet the admissions requirements. Those students that do not have a high school diploma or a GED must pass an independently administered test approved by the Department of Education Secretary or they must successfully complete two years of credit towards a bachelor’s degree with the appropriate grade point average. Upon completion of two years (59 credit hours), the student will have recognized the equivalence of a high school diploma and can automatically be changed to "regular student" status.

Currently, we encourage students taking regular classes to pass the GED test to become a "regular student" the first semester they are enrolled. Since no test or method of testing has been approved, those students not providing a GED or diploma should be automatically changed to "regular student" status when they complete 59 hours with the appropriate grade point average toward a degree.