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Faculty and Staff

Psychology Department

Dr. Robert McDermid, Department Head

General Psychology, Child and Adolescent Development, Human Sexuality, Computers in the Behavioral Sciences, and Senior Thesis


Phone: 417-625-9768

Office: Health Sciences 234

Dr. Anthony Adamopoulos photo Dr. Anthony Adamopoulos

General Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Memory & Cognition, and Senior Thesis


Phone: 417-625-9618

Office: Health Sciences 232

Dr. AmyKay Cole

General Psychology, Personal Adjustment, Abnormal Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Applied Statistics


Phone: 417-625-9621 

Office: Health Sciences 230

Dr. Casey Cole

Applied Behaviorism, Conditioning, and Learning, Applied Statistics, General Psychology, and Senior Thesis.


Phone: 417-625-9619

Office: Health Sciences 229

Dr. Holly Hackett

General Psychology, Social Psychology, Theories of Personality, and Senior Thesis


Phone: 417-625-9835

Office: Health Sciences 225

Dr. Loreen Huffman

Child Development, Adolescent Development, Psychology in Film, and Senior Thesis


Phone: 417-625-9620

Office: Health Sciences 233

This is a picture of Karen Kostan, a Psychology professor at MSSU.Dr. Karen Kostan

General Psychology, Sensation and Perception, Animal Behavior, Physiological Psychology, Junior Seminar, and Experimental Psychology


Phone: 417-625-3069

Office: Health Sciences 231

Dr. Susan Tucker

General Psychology, Educational Psychology, and Senior Thesis


Phone: 417-625-9776

Offices: Health Sciences 227

Jeane Elliott

Department Secretary


Phone: 417-625-9315

Office: Health Sciences 241