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Lion Cub Academy

Lion Cub Academy

Why the Lion Cub Academy?

The mission of the Lion Cub Academy (LCA) is to provide a safe nurturing environment for the children of MSSU students, faculty, staff and alumni. The academy is designed to create an atmosphere of security and mutual trust where children can develop emotionally, socially, physically and intellectually. The children are treated with warmth and respect at all times. The staff works within a developmentally appropriate curriculum to develop socially responsible children.

We feel that the development of the young child is a continuous process that is influenced by all the experiences in a child's life. In the LCA, learning experiences are designed to help the children advantageously use the mental abilities he or she possesses, and to enhance his or her cognitive potential to a maximum degree. Through the process of exploration, experimentation and discovery, children learn how to learn. Besides cognitive experiences, the children must have experiences that provide the opportunity to experience his or herself in relation to others in the environment. Children are allowed to experience feelings in an environment that accepts and values feelings. Each child has the right to progress at his or her own pace according to their own rate of development.

About the LCA:

  • The Missouri Southern State University Lion Cub Academy (LCA) is housed in the Joplin Regional Center Building at the corner of Geotz Boulevard and Newman Road.

  • The Lion Cub Academy provides child care for children  one to six years of age, for MSSU students, MSSU staff members and MSSU faculty members, as well as the children of MSSU Alumni. Applications are now being accepted and a waiting list will be activated upon reaching capacity.

  • The LCA has been in operation since 1986 and is licensed by the State of Missouri Department of Health.


  • To place your child on the waiting list, click on the How to Enroll tab on the left hand side of the page.

For more information please contact:

Nikki Tappana, M. Ed

417-625-3178 or 417-625-9360