International Studies

International Studies Major

 A Degree that Offers Global Success

Michael Raska at the United NationsMichael Raska, an MSSU International Studies graduate, is now a research fellow at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. He focuses on East Asian security issues and is a frequent visitor at the United Nations. Visit this site to see the complete program of study.

A Program Committed to High Intellectual Standards

The major in International Studies is committed to the development in students of high intellectual standards, concern for the whole person and practical cross-cultural and professional skills to enable them to embark upon immediate employment or graduate study.

Gain Invaluable Skills

  1. DEMONSTRATE COMMUNICATION SKILLS in a language other than your own at a proficiency beyond the intermediate level of study.
  2. ANALYZE A VARIETY OF PROBLEMS OF INTERNATIONAL SIGNIFICANCE, selecting or creating possible solutions and defining possible means of implementation.
  3. COMPARE VALUES OF ONE CULTURE WITH THOSE OF ANOTHER, demonstrating how values develop and analyzing how cultural values impact on decisions of international importance.
  4. ANALYZE THE IMPACT OF SOCIAL INSTITUTIONS IN YOUR OWN CULTURE AS WELL AS IN ANOTHER, demonstrating an understanding of individuals’ roles in these systems, be they governmental, economic, religious, family or occupational.
  5. IDENTIFY ACTIVITIES AND PRODUCTS WHICH CONSTITUTE THE SCIENTIFIC/TECHNOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF A CULTURE OTHER THAN YOUR OWN, demonstrating an understanding of the impact of such activities and products on the individuals and the physical environment in a culture.
  6. IDENTIFY those activities and products which constitute the artistic aspects of a culture other than their own; UNDERSTAND the impact which art, in its various forms, has on individuals in a culture; and ANALYZE the uses of works of art within that culture.

A Foundation for a Rewarding Career

The program offers students an opportunity to enhance their understanding of the diverse cultures of the world and provides a substantial foundation for professional careers in diplomacy, law, education, international business and commerce, journalism, the military, research, public health, human service organizations and much more. Opportunities in most of these professions.

The International Studies major and minor is an interdepartmental degree program administered by the Institute of International Studies.

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