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Transfer Credit Options

Registrar Department

 Missouri Southern accepts courses for transfer from schools that are accredited by the following six regional accreditation agencies:

For information on how transfer credit is evaluated or for petitioning for credit for courses from non-regionally accredited schools, see MSSU's Transfer Policies.

High School Dual Credit

Missouri Southern will accept credits earned from a regionally accredited college or university while the student was in high school. These credits are subject to regular transfer credit evaluation, and students must submit an official college or university transcript to the MSSU Office of Admission. Dual credits cannot be awarded based on a high school transcript.


Course Credit for Military Service & Schooling

Military Service students who have completed basic training may be granted credit the following credit:

These requirements will be satisfied if the DD214 form and/or JST (Joint Service Transcript) is submitted to the Missouri Southern Admissions Office. Credit may also be granted for specific military schooling as recommended by the American Council of Education. The credit granted will be based on applicability and will carry the grade of 'CR'. The veteran must present documentation designating the military course, date and site of the course. Military transcripts can be ordered from the following websites:

Air Force: Community College of the Air Force

All other branches: Joint Service Transcript (JST)

In addition, at the advisor’s request we will articulate elective credit up to 20 semester credit hours. The Registrar’s Office must have an official JST (Joint Service Transcript) on file for the student to enter the approved hours into record. Grades would be recorded as credit.


Advanced Placement

Missouri Southern participates in the Advanced Placement Program sponsored by the College Entrance Examination Board. Credits are granted for course areas in which a student has completed Advanced Placement Examinations with a score of 3, 4, or 5. See the AP exams chart for specific credit granted at MSSU.


Advanced Standing Examinations

A student whose travel, employment, extensive readings or other unique educational experiences appear to have provided proficiency in a course required in the curriculum equivalent to that ordinarily attained by those taking the course in regular classes, may be granted permission to take an advanced standing examination. This examination may be a subject matter test of the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) or a comprehensive test designed by the department to cover the subject more fully than a regular final examination. All successfully completed CLEP and comprehensive departmental exams receive a grade of 'CR' for credit.

Comprehensive Departmental Exam

In order to receive credit for a departmental examination, a student must have the following qualifications:

After a student has taken a departmental examination, the professor will transmit the grade to the Vice President for Academic Affairs Office. If performance is equated as a 'C' grade or above, the Registrar will record the credit.

CLEP Subject Examination

MSSU grants credit for satisfactorily completed College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Subject Exams. No credit is given for CLEP General Exams. CLEP exams are administered through MSSU's Advising, Counseling, and Testing Services(ACTS) located in Hearnes Hall.


International Baccalaureate

Missouri Southern will grant up to 30 semester hours or the equivalent of one full year of university study to those who have completed study in the International Baccalaureate curriculum in high school. Missouri Southern will grant university credit and advanced placement for International Baccalaureate courses completed at the higher level with a score of four or greater. Students with such backgrounds should contact the Admission Office for a detailed analysis of credits and standing.