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Legacy Scholarship


The Legacy Scholarship is designed to award students who are continuing their family’s legacy at Missouri Southern State University.

Students who meet the following requirements are invited to apply:

  • Degree Seeking Undergraduate Student
  • Enrolled Full-time (12 or more hours)
  • Has not previously been awarded the Legacy Scholarship
  • Have a least 1 legacy family member

Family members include those immediate and non-immediate (ex: Aunt/Uncle, Great Grandparent, etc.)

The Legacy Scholarship is a one-time $500 scholarship awarded to 20 students each fall. Recipients will be selected based on the number of legacy family members, their involvement in student organizations, and their response to the question: What does being an MSSU Lion mean to you?

The priority deadline for the Legacy Scholarship is April 1st for the Fall 2024 semester. 

 Legacy Scholarship Application