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Telemental Health Services

Counseling Services – In-Person Sessions and Telemental Health

Counseling Services is providing In-Person sessions as well as Telemental Health services via Microsoft Teams, this includes a video/audio service that is confidential and HIPAA compliant. Telemental Health Sessions are available to currently enrolled MSSU students who are physically residing in Missouri at the time of service. Currently enrolled MSSU students who reside outside of Missouri will be offered consultation services to help find appropriate referrals in their area. All counseling services are available to students during the semester for which they are enrolled. For more information, or to make an appointment, email

Coping with Concerns related to COVID-19

As this situation continues to rapidly change it is natural that you may be feeling anxious or overwhelmed. While you are focused on protecting your physical health it as also important to care for your mental health.

Know the Facts and Consider the Source:

While social media is a great source for entertainment, it should not be your primary source of information regarding COVID-19. Repeated exposure to images and reports can increase your feeling of anxiety so limit the amount of time you spend watching or listening to news stories. Consider using the following resources: CDC Fact Sheet, World Health Organization-Advice for Public

Stay ‘Connected’ to Your Support System:

Even though social distancing is being recommended, you can remain in contact with friends and family members through cell phone, email, or social media use. Everyone reacts differently to stress so continue to discuss how you are feeling with close friends or loved ones.

Focus on Self-care:

Take time to relax and actively relieve stress. Try to do activities you enjoy and remember that intense emotions will fade over time. Consider using some self-help apps.

Additional Resources