You Just Can't Stop Indulging In Korean Food

Friday, 22 September, 2017

Meat lovers! Did you prepare yourself for this new style of delectable Korean BBQ and bulgogi, which is thinly-sliced marinated grilled meat? Sushi lovers! This Korean sushi, gimbap, is filled with whatever your heart craves. Korean dining is healthy, vibrant, and friendly. Joyful Korean food leading the entire culinary field significantly in the United States stimulates your appetite and takes ahold of your five senses.

If you've ever wondered about any Korean food culture or the magical secret of Korean recipes, Jay Jung, owner of Jin's Korean Grill in Springfield, may be able to answer your questions. He will certainly share his insight into the techniques and tastes of contemporary Korean cuisine and how they are shaping our Midwestern table. All this discussion of food is bound to make you hungry, so he will prepare some bulgogi, gimbap, and japchae (sweet potato noodles with sesame seeds and vegetables) during his talk for everyone to experience.

Jay Jung, owner of Jin's Korean Grill in Springfield, was born in Korean and has worked in the culinary business since 2011. He is currently managing three international restaurants: Jin's Korean Grill, Hula Hawaiian Kitchen, and Omo Japanese restaurant in Springfield. Based on his fluent knowledge and working experiences about Korean food, Mr. Jung is extremely passionate to promote the Korean food culture and educate about how healthy and rich Korean cuisine is to satisfy food-lovers and enthusiasts of all ages in the Joplin and Springfield areas.

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