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University Relations & Marketing

University Relations and Marketing

Ever wondered who updates our university’s social media? Who promotes the university on billboards and commercials? That’s us—the University Relations and Marketing Department. 

Our Purpose:

We’re all about promoting the university. We go about this in a a number of ways, touching as many people possible. We're dedicated to connecting with students, staff/faculty members, and the community to create a university image that is exciting, memorable and fun. 

Our Jobs: 

  • University promotion, advertisement, and branding
  • News and feature stories for all things related to MSSU 
  • Management of official social media pages
  • Design of print projects, billboards, pamphlets, and other promotional pieces
  • Upkeep of our university website, from editing code to updating content
  • High-quality commercials, videography, and photography 
  • Management of Roary the Lion, our university mascot

Our Goals:

Our primary goal is to promote the university by connecting with our students and the community. We focus on spreading and promoting our image throughout the region by interacting with our students on social media and by sending out campus news stories. We keep the university’s image fresh with high-quality commercials, photography, graphics, and an innovative website.