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Membership Transition

The Alumni Department

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is MSSU Alumni Association eliminating its alumni dues program?

We have shifted our focus from membership to communication and engagement. As we mentioned, our previous focus was just on the paid-alumni base. We felt this worked against our mission of strengthening the connection all alumni have to the university. This change is being mirrored at many leading universities including: Ohio State University, Rutgers and University of Illinois, as well as several in our conference including sister-school Missouri Western State University and more recently, University of Central Oklahoma.

How does this enhance engagement?

The new model enhances engagement by removing the barriers to participation that come along with the member/non-member distinction. We are no longer focused on dues solicitation, which frees up staff time for more programming, which would focus on developing way alumni can connect back to the university. 

What has the Association done to set aside funds for engagement?

The university has provided general funding for the Association since 1945 and will continue to do so. We also rely on the support of our affinity partners to generate additional income for activities and program support.

Will people have to "opt in" when current membership expires?

No, current members will not have to take any action. To receive the most up-to-date information, please update your contact information here.

How does this change affect Lifetime Members?

Many of the alumni benefits you have enjoyed at the lifetime level will continue to be unique to you, along with a special gift signifying your lifetime commitment of support to Missouri Southern.