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Change of Resident Status

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The tuition you pay is tied to your residency.

If you have been a resident of the State of Missouri for at least 12 months preceding your application for admission, you are eligible for in-state tuition.

Even if you are currently considered a "non-resident" of Missouri, it is possible to change your residency status.

The steps to apply for a change in residency status include:

Please read the entire Missouri Department of Higher Education Policy on Residency for Cost Purposes.

Residency re-classification cannot be retroactive to a previous term.

Military - If you are a member of the military or a dependent of military personnel, we need copies of orders showing the assignment to a US military base within the state or orders showing that your original Home of Record was Missouri.

International Students - If you are a non-citizen of the U.S., we are unable to change your residency unless you have your permanent resident card (green card) or have been issued a resident number from the Immigration/Naturalization Service or your Visa status is A, G or L. (Please note: education may not be government funded.)

For more information on residency status at MSSU, please contact:

Derek Skaggs
Director of Admissions, MSSU
3950 E. Newman Road
Joplin, MO 64801-1595

Phone:  417-781-6778
Toll Free: 866-818-6778
Fax: 417-659-4429