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A letter to Parents and Guardians

We understand how stressful it can be to choose the right university for your child.

We are dedicated to the success of each student attending MSSU; as a matter of fact, we have programs specially designed for first-year students.

We also understand parents play an important role in their student's decision to enroll in college. Whether it's financial or emotional support, parents are often the support system for their student. MSSU provides resources to help with that support.

A girl filling out info for application

The prospect of saying goodbye to your student is never easy, but the anxiety is lessened by the knowledge that you've chosen an amazing educational experience in a safe, secure living and learning environment.

A college degree represents hard work that will pay big dividends for you and your student, and Missouri Southern State University offers an excellent education at a reasonable price.

Checklist for Parents

Worried you are going to forget an important step in getting your child settled at MSSU?  Here's a TO DO list :