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After Arrival

International Admissions

Now that you are in Joplin . . .

Step One:

Attend International Student Orientation.

Step Two:

Get around using public transportation.

Travel arrangements are the responsibility of the student. Public transport in Joplin is not readily available. Here are some helpful links:

Step Three:

Obtain permanent housing. Students may choose to live on-campus or off-campus.

To live on-campus,

  • Check out our on Campus options.
  • You must have a housing contract and pay the deposit in order to live on-campus.
  • You are not allowed to 'break' your contract within the first semester.
  • More information will be available during orientation.

To live off-campus,

  • You will need to find accommodations on your own.
  • There are numerous apartment complexes available to students.
  • Some students eventually live with host-families.
  • Most apartment contracts range from 6 to 12 month leases.
  • Deposits/Bonds are required with the first month's rent.
  • With minimal public transport available in Joplin, most students choose to live within walking distance from the MSSU campus.
  • More information will be available during orientation.

Step Four:

Know your employment options.

1. Work on campus at MSSU (ISEP students must have authorization from ISEP); 2. File a petition with U.S. CIS for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) in order to work off campus in an internship that relates specifically to the student's major field of study and is an integral part of the curriculum. The student must prove that he or she has been in legal status for at least two semesters in order to apply for this option, and approval (by the International Student Advisor) must be obtained before the internship begins; 3. Apply for authorization by the U.S. CIS for a part-time, off-campus job when a severe and unforeseen financial hardship exists. The student must prove that the economic hardship has arisen due to a situation beyond his or her control. The student must also prove that he or she has been in legal status for at least two semesters. Permission must be renewed every year. If permission to work is denied by the CIS, no appeals process exists.

Step Five:

Call or write home to inform your family of your arrival.

Step Six:

Maintain "Good-Status." You are responsible for knowing your F-1 limitations. Be sure to read all of the information regarding your VISA that is available to you through your government.

Remember, you are on a STUDENT VISA! The first step then is to be a "good student"!International students at Missouri Southern bring a beautiful aspect to campus.

To remain a "good student," you must:

  1. Register for classes at orientation.
  2. Remain enrolled in at least 12 credit hours per semester.
  3. Make acceptable academic progress.
  4. Abide by the laws of the U.S. and the individual states;
  5. Abide by the rules and regulations of MSSU.
  6. Keep passport valid. Keep DS-2019 or I-20 form, and I-94 card with your passport and in a safe place.
  7. Have I-20 or DS-2019 endorsed before traveling outside the U.S. by the international student advisor or Designated School Official (DSO). For ISEP students, please allow 6 weeks as DS-2019 must be sent to ISEP for endorsement.
  8. If student visa expires, obtain a new I-20 or DS-2019 before traveling outside the U.S. and apply for a new visa at U.S. Embassy or Consulate before reentering or risk deportation. (Student visas can only be obtained outside the U.S.; you may stay in the U.S. on an expired visa as long as you remain in status.)

Step Seven:

Know where to buy necessities.

There are many shopping options available to you in Joplin, Missouri. However, upon arrival, many students end-up going to Northpark Mall, Target or  Wal-Mart to meet their basic needs until they are more familiar with the area.

Step Eight:

Whom do I contact when I arrive?

Stacey Clay, Coordinator of International Student Services, will assist you through the admissions process. Her office is located in Hearnes Hall 106K and her phone number is 417-625-3126.