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Saltzman Memorial Fund


What is the Saltzman Fund

The Saltzman Memorial Fund has been established to honor the memory of Arthur Saltzman and recognize literary contributions appropriate to Art's work. This is an ongoing fund, maintained by the MSSU Foundation, to which contributions may be made at any time. 

All contributions to the Saltzman Memorial Fund will be designated to the Spiva Library to purchase books that recognize literary accomplishments in a variety of areas.

A book plate will be placed inside of each book purchased.

"I can imagine no more prestigious populations than books and those who give them residence. My apologies to Shakespeare's Polonius, but in terms of the library, one should both a borrower and a lender be. In supporting the library, you support my sharper appetites; in befriending the library, you not only become some of its most precious holdings, you leave a light on for me as well."

-from Love Among the Stacks by Arthur Saltzman

Contributions to the Saltzman Memorial Fund may be sent to the Foundation or Spiva Library.

Checks payable to: Missouri Southern Foundation

3950 E. Newman Rd Joplin, MO 64801

*Please specify that your contribution is for the Saltzman Memorial Fund*