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Library Devices

Spiva Library

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Where are the computers in the library?

  • There are computer workstations on all four floors of the library totaling over 100.
  • All students workstations are networked to a single printer on each floor that prints both color and B&W.
  • All student workstations has the Windows 7 and Microsoft Office Professional Plus.
  • Only the 10 workstations located on the 3rd floor alcove, by the lion, have special software such as ArcGIS, AutoCAD, Autodesk, Minitab, PASW statistics, and Visual Studio.
  • There is one workstation on the 1st, 3rd, and 4th floors connected to a scanner.
  • There are a limited number of computer workstations for public use on the 1st and 3rd floors only.

How do I log on to computers in the library?


Username: doej001
Password: 123ABC

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Lion Bucks

Before Printing you will have to have money on your lion card. Your account is opened automatically with a balance of $0.00.

Deposits can be made in a number of ways:

Black & White Printing (default) - 10 cents per page

Color Printing - 50 cents per page

Troubleshoot printing issues

Printers are located on each floor of the Library.

1st floor: Circulation Desk

2nd floor: Computer Area

3rd floor: Reference Desk

4th floor: Government Documents Desk

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There are 3 scanners in the building for student use:

These workstations are accessed the same way as all computer work stations.

Scanning is free. Printing the scans are not free. The scanning station is not connected to a printer. You must save your scanned documents to a flash drive or e-mail them to yourself in order to print them at another station.

Instruction on how to use the scanning device is located beside the machine in a white binder labeled Scanner Instructions.

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The library has four photocopiers:

Three of the photocopiers require the use of your Lion Card. One B&W copier by the Main Circulation desk accepts coins. B&W copies are 10 cents each. Color copies are 50 cents each.

If you need help with copying ask any of the employees at the desks.

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Microforms are the filmed version of a printed work. Microforms are in the form of microfilm, which is a reel or roll, and microfiche, which is a sheet or card format. Most frequently, materials such as newspapers or periodicals are converted to a microform for the purpose of storage and/or preservation.

All Spiva Library microforms are located on the 4th floor across from the Government Documents & Audio Visuals help desk. Newspapers & periodicals are in alphabetical order by their titles. ERIC documents are in numerical order by their ED number.

A staff member at the Government Documents & Audio Visuals help desk can assist you in locating the material and in demonstrating how to use a reader or reader/printer to view or make photocopies of microforms. There are reader/printers for both microfilm and microfiche.

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