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Course Reserves

Accessing Course Reserves

Reserves is a convenient way for MSSU instructors to make supplemental course materials available to the entire class. Faculty and instructors are welcome to reserve a digital copy of course reserve through the online submission form.

Print materials placed on Reserve will be found at the Main Circulation desk on the 3rd floor of Spiva Library. For materials to leave the Reserves area, even for photocopying, they MUST be checked out. Reserve Materials have limited checkout periods and usually cannot leave the Library. Only MSSU students may checkout Reserve materials.

If a student has a "hold" placed on their record due to unpaid library fines/costs, that student cannot checkout Reserve materials or any other library materials.

Reserve materials are searchable via the two following links:

Search by Course Title                                                  Search by Professor Name

For your convenience, browse all the course reserves in below:

Course Number Course Title or Subject Professor
ART 110 ART 110  Christine Bentley
N/A Backpack for Kids  
N/A Biology - Premed MCAT Crystal Lemmons, Ala Barry
CHEM 140 CHEM 140 James Donelson
CHEM 142 CHEM 142 James Donelson
CHEM 301 CHEM 301 James Donelson
CHEM 302 CHEM 302 James Donelson
CHEM 350 CHEM 350 Shayna Burchett
N/A Chemistry  Crowder Jim  Crowder Rhoades
N/A Dental Hygiene Stacie Scrivner
EDUC 605 Educational Technology Bobbie Augspurger
EDUC 620 Advanced Learning Theories Bobbie Augspurger
GEOG 410 GEOG 410 Steve Smith
INTS 306 INTS 306 Steve Smith
N/A Kinesiology Marty Conklin
N/A Kinesiology Kits Sheri Beeler
N/A Library Reserves Wendy McGrane
MUS 309 MUS 309 David Sharlow
N/A New Medical Books  
N/A Pediatrics Whiteman
NURS 305 Pharmacology in Nursing Karen Madsen
N/A Psychology Department Karen Kostan
RAD 132 Principles of Radiographic Exposure  
N/A Radiology Department  
RES 311 RES 311 Sherry Whiteman
N/A Respiratory Therapy Department Respiratory Therapy Department
N/A Salary Surveys Wendy McGrane
N/A Study Room Spiva Library
N/A Teacher Education N/A
N/A The Great Game of Business Wendy McGrane
N/A Writing and Study Guides N/A


Some reserve materials are available to view electronically. You can see more detailed information about an individual material, and access electronic resources outside the library, by clicking its title after following the links above.

Student using computer in the library