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Government Documents

Spiva Library

Federal Depository

Spiva Library is a selective depository for Federal publications for the Seventh Congressional District of Missouri.  The mission of Government Documents staff is to provide quality reference service as well as free and easy access to government information in all forms, both to our own students, faculty and staff and to the constituents of the Seventh Congressional District of Missouri.  All patrons are encouraged to seek help at the fourth floor help desk with any questions they may have concerning government documents.

Federal Resources

Official Missouri State Website

Federal publications are arranged by Superintendent of Documents (SuDoc) Classification Number. This classification system is based on the government agencies publishing such documents.

Superintendent of Documents Classification System

A - Agriculture

C3 - Census Bureau (Commerce Department)

D - Defense Department

E - Energy Department

ED - Education Department

GA - General Accounting Office

GS - General Services Administration

HE - Health and Human Services Department

I - Interior Department

I19 - US Geological Survey

J - Justice Department

Ju - Judiciary

L - Labor Department

LC - Library of Congress

NAS - National Aeronautics & Space Administration

S - State Department

SI - Smithsonian Institution

T22 - Internal Revenue Service (Treasury Department)

X, Y - Congress

Y4 - Congressional Committees