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Historical Manuscripts Guide

Spiva Library

Compiled by Archivist Charles Nodler and student assistants Christina King, Vili Forsblom, and Petri Kykyri, Spring 2001 Updated September 9, 2005

Gene Taylor Papers - #1. [Papers : 788 Boxes] Congressman Gene Taylor.s Papers from 1972 to 1988, when he represented the Seventh Congressional District of Missouri. Categories of materials include speeches, general correspondence, departmental correspondence, & legislative correspondence. Also included are letters addressed to Congressman Taylor from government officials, including Presidents of the United States. The Congressman.s correspondence to and from his constituents is also included.

Tri- State Mining Collection - #2. [Maps : 5 Map Cases] Maps and drill logs for lead and zinc mines in the Tri- State Mining District from the 1860.s to the 1960.s, which includes Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma. Maps are divided by section number, state and mine names. Maps provide detailed locations of mine shafts and drilling activities in the area

Wallower Collection - #3. [Papers : 5 Boxes] Papers, Maps, Photos and business records from 1895 to 1952 generated by Mr. Frank Carmany Wallower. The collection deals with business and mining activities of the tri-state area. Mr. Wallower .s college diploma from Princeton University, which is signed by President Woodrow Wilson, is included.

Wilkerson Collection - #4. [Papers : 2 Boxes] Papers, Letters, Pictures, and news clippings of Charles Wilkerson a national labor leader from the Springfield, Missouri area.

Goldman Collection - #5. [Papers : 3 Boxes] Minutes and papers from 1957-1978 dealing with the right to work law in Missouri. Also included are the papers from meetings of union locals. Mr. Goldman was a publisher for the Labor Beacon Newspaper in Kansas City, Missouri.

Peterson Collection - #6. [Report and Papers : 1 Box] Photocopies of the 1887 annual Kansas labor report. The 1939 charter for the construction and general laborers union no.319 of Joplin, Missouri and an edition of the 1947 Tri-State Labor Newspaper.

Rutherford Collection - #7. [Papers and Photos : 1 Folder] Papers and photos from 1893 to 1937 about Asbury, Missouri and Mr. J. M. Rutherford, the Founder of Asbury, Missouri.

Shaner Collection - #8. [Papers and Photos : 2 Boxes] Papers, letters, and articles written by and about Mr. Dolph Shaner a local historian and Joplin businessman. Mr. Shaner wrote the book: .The Story of Joplin..

Osterloh Collection - #9. [Papers and Letters : 1 Box] Letters and correspondence of the Osterloh family. Mr. T.W. Osterloh was a Joplin businessman, who ran the Osterloh Bookstore in downtown Joplin.

Thompson Collection - #10. [Papers : 1 Box] Papers, correspondence, and city council minutes from 1942-62. Some of the papers are ion zinc and mining in the tri state area. Mr. A. Paul Thompson was director of research at the Eagle Picher Company, and served as a Joplin City councilman.

Smith Collection - #11. [Papers and Photos : 1 Box] Maps periodicals, pamphlets, postcards, and a syllabus on world war one. Most of the collection is far east materials. There is also a photograph of civil war veterans of the republic taken at Purdy, Missouri [ca.1890] .

Owen Collection - #12. [Pamphlets and Papers : 1 Folder] Pamphlets and a Constitution and Bylaws of the Gridley Anti-Horse Thief Association. [ca. 1860]

Ozark Playgrounds Association - #13. [Papers : 2 Boxes] Papers, Photos and newspaper clippings dealing with the Ozark Playground Association from 1928 to 1961. The association promoted tourism in the Ozarks region.

Newman Collection - #14. [Papers and Tapes : 2 Boxes] Transcriptions and taped interviews with Mr. Rex Newman. They relate to the history of Joplin and deal with political and business subjects. Mr. Newman was a reporter and editor for the Joplin Globe newspaper.

Mann Collection - #15. [Minutes, Certificates and Photo : 1 Box] Minutes and certificates of affiliation of the amalgamated meat cutters and butchers unions of Joplin and Springfield, Missouri from 1951-67 and 1917 and 1938..

Moore Collection - #16. [Papers : 3 Boxes] Labor Papers, minutes and cases in Southwest Missouri. The papers have the Ozark labor society.s constitution and minutes. Photocopies of information on the streetcar strike in Springfield, Missouri in 1916-17 was taken from the Springfield utility files. Some newspapers and a right to work petition are included.

Joplin Tri-State Chapter of National Association Of Accountants - #17. [Papers : 1 Box] Papers written by the Joplin Tri-State Chapter of the National Association of Accountants. The papers from 1965 to 1975 are written on a wide range of topics managerial accounting.

Baron Collection - #18. [Papers, Photos, Correspondence : 4 Boxes] Scrapbooks on clubs dealing with social history from 1940-80.

Berry Collection - #19. [Letters, Records, and Manuscripts : 2 Boxes] Letters, Records, and manuscripts on the Missouri socialist party from 1904-12. The papers were collected by Mr. Clyde Berry of Joplin, Missouri who was a member of the Socialist Party.

Wing Collection - #20. [Maps and Books : 2 Boxes] Maps and books about mining and geology in the tri-state area, of Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma. Mr. Robert Wing was a geologist from Carthage, Missouri. Also included is a reproduction of an 1894 Jasper County Courthouse Dedication Program.

Tri- State Mining Reports -#21. [Papers : 3 Boxes] A Study of stability problems and hazard evaluation of Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma in the tri- state mining area. Included is a special report on the tar creek area. The 1983 reports describe possible pollution and collapse probabilities of the area.

Warren Collection - #22. [Newspapers : On Shelve] Various old newspapers from the Joplin area. A 1913 mining and industrial edition from the Joplin news herald. Lists clubs and mines in the Joplin area.

Klein Collection - #23. [Bond : 1 Folder] A Photocopy of a 1944 world war two bond.

Gibson Collection - #24. [Literary Manuscripts : 155 Boxes] Literature Manuscripts. Personal correspondence, photos, old letters used in his writings. Much western and Indian history is in the collection. Dr. Gibson is a professor of western and Indian history. He is a graduate of Joplin Junior College and is a former Joplin resident.

St. Peters Church - #25. [Paper, Book : 1 Folder] Books and papers on St. Peters church in Joplin, Missouri. There is a 75th anniversary publication on the sisters of mercy in Joplin and some photos on McCauley high school.

St. Johns Hospital - #26. [Papers : 1 Folder] St. Johns Hospital Personnel Policy for their employees, around 1979.

Blair Collection - #27. [Papers and Book : 1 Box] An 1876 historical atlas of Jasper county, Missouri and a 1973 Joplin Globe publication on Joplin.s first 100 years.

Joplin Missouri Commercial Club - #28. [Brochure : 1 Folder] A brochure and a card on Joplin companies and points of interest in the Joplin area.

Stephens Collection - #29. [Pictures, Postcards, and Booklet : 1 Folder] Pictures and postcards of Joplin, Missouri. A book written by Mr. Stephens telling his life story. Rolla Stephens was a Joplin businessman and had a realtor office in downtown Joplin. The reverend Joplin story is contained in the collection.

Connor Towers Motor Hotel - #30. [Papers, Photos : 1 Folder] Papers photos and newsclippings on the Connor Towers Motor Hotel in downtown Joplin. The 1977 site inspection of the hotel by Nancy Breme is included. There is a newspaper account on the 1978 collapse of the Connor.

West Central Missouri. Rural Development Corp. - #31. [Papers : 1 Folder] Papers on the West Central Missouri rural Development Corporation.

Junkins Collection - #32. [Papers : 1 Box] A study on birth defects in Southwest Missouri, done in the early 1979.s by professor Merrill Junkins of MSSC. Economic

Security Corporation - #33. [Papers : 2 Boxes] Papers on the economic security corporation. Included are minutes of board meetings and budgets.

Holman Collection - #34. [Yearbook : 1 Folder] A 1935 agriculture yearbook put out the federation of home demonstration club of South Coffeyville in Nowata County Oklahoma.

Rollins Collection -#35. [Photos : 5 Folders] Reproduced photos of old prints of Carthage, Missouri. The Carthage square, Carthage fireman, The Harrington Hotel, and the Carthage light guard are some of the pictures included.

Woodard Collection - #36. [Papers 2 Folders] Letters, correspondence, and a journal of costs from Mrs. Florence Woodard who was a bookdealer in Golden City, Missouri. There is also a paper on the McGuffey family history. The McGuffey.s were the originator of the school readers from 1930 to1949.

Conboy Collection - #37. [Resolution : 1 Folder] A 1976 resolution to rename Broadway Street to Langston Hughes Avenue.

Bowman Collection - #38. [Papers : 1 Folder] Papers relating to agriculture in the United States. The farm records of George Smith, and the 1943-44 war production program . farm program. A 1911 map of the United States.

Sam Gibson Collection - #39. [Bulletins : 1 Folder] Bulletins on agriculture, and Kansa State College materials.

Ladies of The Presbyterian Church -#40. [Program : 1 Folder] A Ladies of the Presbyterian Church program, showing church music from their time.

Ozark Gateway Regional Planning Commission - #41. [Minutes, Papers : 1 Folder] Papers and minutes from the Ozark gateway regional planning commission. The commission was formed to set up comprehensive planning guides for the region.

Bicentennial Meetings - #42. [Papers : 1 Folder] Papers from the 1976 bicentennial town meetings, that were held in Joplin, Missouri and other United States towns.

Neosho Airport File - #43. [Letters, Papers : 1 Box] Letters and papers from 1929-39, dealing with the construction of the Neosho Airport.

Norman Collection - #44. [Paper : 1 Folder] A photocopy of an undated paper, dealing with a Confederate veterans reminiscences.

Hayes Collection - #45. [Newspaper clippings : 1 Folder] Newspaper clippings from 1939-40, on U.S. Indian articles.

Conyers Collection - #46. [Papers, agreements, photos : 1 Folder] Papers, agreements and photos of the retail Clerks international association, local unions no. 322 in Joplin, Missouri, 1201 in Pittsburg, Kansas.

Markman Collection - #47. [Constitutions, papers, notices, manuals and broadsides : 1 Folder] Labor and union organization manuals, labor pamphlets, and local labor meeting fliers.

Prince Collection - #48. [Papers : 1 Folder] Photocopies of papers and minutes, of the Bakery Confectionery, and Tobacco Workers International Union, of Tri State local no. 363 in Joplin, Missouri.

Joplin City Council - #49. [Minutes : 1 Folder] Minutes from a 1976 Joplin city council meeting.

McKee Collection - #50. [Papers : 1 Folder] Papers, photos and newsclippings of political material dealing with elections and campaigns. Critical

Issues In Education -#51. [Papers : 2 Boxes] Papers from a workshop in October 1977 at Missouri Southern State College on critical issues in education.

Goll Collection - #52. [Pamphlets : 1 Folder] Pamphlets on local history in Jasper County Missouri. An 1894 Courthouse dedication program, .The 1st 100 years of the Jasper County circuit court., and an 1870 years American almanac.

A Short History Of Joplin.s early years - #53. [Paper : 1 Folder] An Undated paper giving a short history of the early years of Joplin, Missouri.

Joplin Centennial - #54. [Papers : 1 Folder] Papers and newspaper articles from the 1973 centennial celebration. An article on reverend Joplin is included.

Newton Collection - #55. [Newspapers 2 Folders] Newspaper accounts of highway engineering and of Frank Newton a Joplin, Missouri. Highway engineer. There is also an article on the electric railway system that used exist in the area.

Joplin, Missouri - #56. [Article : 1 Folder] Magazine articles on Joplin and Southwest Missouri. From the Midwest motorist . .Joplin . City with a shady past..

Carthage, Missouri: Foundation and Development - #57. [Paper : 1 Folder] A paper on the foundation and development of Carthage, Missouri and of 5 families who have lived there through its existence

Joplin, Missouri Main Street - #58. [Paper : 1 Folder] A paper on .Joplin Missouri.s main street, 1st to 7th at the turn of the century.

Joplin And Southwest Missouri Documents - #59. [Papers : 1 Folder] Papers giving a capsule history of Joplin, Missouri, a club theatre paper and a Diamond Missouri Paper. Also a photocopy of a 1909 piano recital in Joplin, Missouri.

Carthage Cave - #60. [Papers : 1 Folder] A paper done on the Carthage Cave in Carthage, Missouri. There are also photocopies of newspaper articles on the cave done in 1962.

Racine and Seneca Missouri Articles - #61. [Articles : 1 Folder] Photocopies of newspaper articles on Racine and Seneca Missouri.

St. Johns 75th Anniversary - #62. [Newsletter : 1 Folder] A newsletter on the 75th anniversary celebration at St. Johns Hospital in Joplin, Missouri in 1973.

Strong Collection - # 63. [Papers, pamphlets, booklets, photos, postcards : 2 Folders] Papers, pamphlets, booklets, photos and postcards dealing with Mr. Strong.s business and religious matters.

Joplin, Missouri Chamber Of Commerce - #64. [Papers : 1 Folder] A folder of handouts given by Joplin chamber to local citizens. The handouts give business listings and general information about the Joplin area.

Webb City, Missouri Chamber Of Commerce - #65. [Papers : 1 Folder] A folder given by the Webb City chamber of commerce. The folder gives the story of Webb city, a community profile, and Norval Mathew Booklet . An Amazing City., which is a short history of Webb city.

Hughes Collection - #66. [Roll and booklet : 1 Folder] An illustrated biography of the World War I honor roll of Greene county Missouri. The biography was compiled from private and public records. There is also an illustrated booklet on the Lusitania and Mauritania steamships of the Cunard line.

Delaney Collection - #67. [Papers and minutes : 1 Folder] Papers and minutes from the labor machinists union in Missouri.

Local No.340 in Joplin Missouri - #68. [Papers : 1 Folder] Labor papers from the united food and commercial workers union. Local no 340 in Joplin Missouri.

Southwest Missouri Labor Council - #69. [Papers : 1 Folder] Papers of conferences and meetings of the southwest labor council in southwest Missouri.

Local #200 Financial Report - #70. [Papers : 1 Folder ] A Financial report of August of 1976 for local #200 in Joplin, Missouri. Local #620.

Joplin Musicians. - #71. [Papers : 1 Folder] A Paper of the Joplin musicians association giving their position of non-union members.

Wyatt Collection - #72. [Papers : 1 Folder] Papers on the Democratic Party and George McGovern. Labor.s stand on George McGovern.

Montgomery Collection - #73. [Papers : 1 Folder] Papers on the constitutional party in the United States, consisting of information bulletins and party declarations.

St. Clair Collection - #74. [Papers : 2 Folders] Papers on interest groups and political items. Included are some papers on third party candidates.

Mouser collection - #75. [Slave agreement and papers : 1 Folder] A Document of a slave sale in Virginia on September 8, 1800.

Empire District Electric - #76. [Reports : 1 Folder] Annual reports of the empire district electric company from 1980-83.

Mitchell Collection - #77. [Letter and certificate : 1 Folder] Photocopies of an 1891 letter from an indian trader in Anandarko, Oklahoma territory and a teachers certificate in 1874 from North Carolina.

St. Johns Regional Medical Center - #78. [Report : 1 Folder] An annual report of the St. Johns regional medical center.

Local #322 in Joplin Missouri - #79. [Agreement : 1 Folder] An agreement between Harber.s Thriftway Incorporated in Joplin, Missouri and the United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local #322.

Local #716 - #80. [Agreement : 1 Folder] An agreement between Elder Manufacturing Company and the Southwest Regional Clothing and Textile Worker.s Union in Southwest Missouri from 1982 to 1985. A few local papers are included.

Joplin Progress Editions - #81. [Newspapers : 1 Box] Newspapers from 1967 to 1984 dealing with business and progress in the four state area of Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Norman Granz Jazz Programs - #82. [Programs :1 Folder] Norman Granz Jazz programs signed by famous jazz artists in 1950.

Neosho Charter Commission - #83. [Charter : 1 Folder] The Proposed home rule charter from 1973 for the city of Neosho, Missouri.

Nevada Charter Commission - #84. [Charter : 1 Folder] The Proposed home rule charter from 1979 for the city of Nevada, Missouri.

Columbia Records - #85. [Phonograph Record : 3 Records] Old Phonograph records, one is grand prizewinner in Paris, In 1900.

St. Joseph Lead Company - #86. [Booklet : 1 Folder] A Booklet published in 1892 on the History of the St. Joseph lead company, in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Kansas Department of Human Resources - #87. [Rules and Regulations : 1 Folder] Regulations and rules changes for collective bargaining from the Kansas Department of Human Resources in 1979.

USGS Maps and Reports - #88. [Maps : 3 Boxes] Maps and reports from 1920 to 1957 by the United States Geologic Survey on the geology of the United States.

Kansas Mining Town - #89. [Newspaper article : 1 Folder] A newspaper article on Galena, Kansas as a mining town in 1897.

Local #319 of Joplin Missouri - #90. [Agreements : 2 Folders] Agreements of the Construction and General Laborers Local Union #319 of Joplin, Missouri from 1970 to 1980. Also their labor commission case of 1977.

Joplin little Theatre - #91. [Program : 1 Folder] A .Guys And Dolls. program from the Joplin Little Theatre in 1974 or 1975.

Joplin Center - #92. [Report : 1 Folder] A final report of the site evaluation for the Joplin Civic / Convention Center in 1974.

Contract Freighters Incorporated - #93. [Brochure : 1 Folder] A brochure on the Contract Freighters Incorporated Trucking Company in Joplin.

Missouri. Kuhn Collection - #94. [Baskets : 2 Boxes] A collection of baskets varying in size and make.

Blair, J.H. Collection -#95. [Paper : 1 Folder] A short sketch of Mr. Otto Ernhardt done by his wife in 1973. Mr. Ernhardt was chief engineer for the Southwest Bridge Company in Joplin, Missouri.

Bailey Edwin Collection - #96. [Papers : 11 Boxes] papers, photos, correspondence . Letters from the Bailey family of Carthage, Missouri from during World War II and from 1940 to 1950.

Constitutions And Laws Of The Knights Of The Ku Klux Klan - #97. [Papers : 2 Folders] Photocopies of the Constitution and Laws of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan from 1921. Papers giving information about the Klan and their beliefs.

Nolan- Wilson Collection - #98. [Magazine and Pamphlet : 1Folder] An article and a pamphlet written by Betty Nolan Wilson. The article is from .Missouri Life. in 1985 on Dorothea B. Hoover .Joplin.s Favorite Lady. The pamphlet is from 1972-73 on the Spiva Art Center its beginning., with a short history of the Spiva Art Center.

Federal Election Commission - #99. [Papers : 1 folder] Candidate indexes of supporting documents of house representatives from 1977 to 1984. Clay, Gephardt, Skelton and Taylor.

Historical & Social Impact of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Joplin, Missouri Area - #100.[Paper : 1 Folder] A Paper done in 1986 by Missouri Southern State College student Tom Feeding about the L.D.S. in Joplin, Missouri.

Gardner Collection - #101. [Scrapbooks, Papers, and Minutes : 1 Box] Papers, pamphlets, minutes and scrapbooks dealing with the Womens Christian Temperance Union in the United States from 1904 to 1987.

Missouri State Highway News Dept. - #102. [Photo Album : 1 Folder] A photograph album on road and bridge construction projects various counties in Southeast Missouri in 1923.

Mineral Museum News - #103. [Newsletter : 1 Folder] A newsletter put out by the Tri- State Mineral Museum. It gives information about the museum and has short articles on the history of mining in the Tri-State area from 1987 to the present.

Joplin, Missouri . July 4, 1896 - #104. [Photo : 1 Folder] A photograph of Joplin, Missouri on July 4, 1896.

View Of the Old Redding Mill - #105. [Photo : 1 Folder] A photograph of the old Redding mill . taken from a postcard.

Newton County in Pictures - #106. [Booklet : 1 Folder] Photocopies of a book, showing pictures of Newton County in 1938.

Environmental Profile of Center Creek Basin, Missouri - #107. [Report : TD194.6 .c25 1978] Environmental Study prepared by the Biology Dept. of MSSC for the Tulsa District Corps of Engineers in 1978 Izaak

Walton League Collection - #108. [Papers : 1 Box] Papers and books kept by Joplin Chapter 31 of the Izaak Walton League from 1942-86. Included are minutes, ledger books, and the constitution and by laws of the league.

Harry Hood Collection - #109. [Papers : 2 Boxes] Two books on Joplin, Missouri history. The Worlds Greatest zinc and Lead District and The Southwest Missouri Railroads. Both are written by Mr. Hood. Scrapbooks, photos, manuscripts and postcards mostly about Webb City, Missouri and the Tri State Area from 1907 to 1985.

The Battle of Carthage - #110. [Booklet : E4704 .C67 1988] A 1988 booklet on the Battle of Carthage, near Carthage, Missouri on July 5, 1861. The booklet was written by Steve Cottrell a local writer.

Lt. Col. Francis Hills Letters - #111. [Letters : 1 Folder] Photographs of letters written in 1862-63 by Lt. Col. Francis Hills While he was in the Union army with the 2nd Pennsylvania Infantry

Woman.s Club of Joplin Cookbook - #112. [Book : 1 Folder] A 1934 Cookbook put out by the Woman.s Club of Joplin, to promote better nutrition and gastronomic pleasure. There are 244 pages of recipes.

Carterville Schools - #113. [Papers : 1 Folder] Photocopies of pictures of the old Carterville High School, Elementary school, and the Carterville Gymnasium around the 1920.s.

Church Programs - #114. [Programs : 1 Folder] Church programs from a Nov. 21, 1940 Thanksgiving Day service.

Railroad Telegraphers - #115. [Minutes : 1 Folder] Minutes from meetings of the order of Railroad Telegraphers in 1964 and an agenda from 1966.

Special Collection Books - #116-122. [Books] Are Special Collection Books found in Card Catalog.

The Lead and Zinc Zone Of Southwest Missouri Eastern Kansas - #123. [Map, Pamphlet : Map Drawer] A 1900 Property Ownership map of Jasper County Missouri, part of Newton County, Missouri and Cherokee County, Kansas. A pamphlet of the zinc and lead zone of the Southwest. Missouri & Eastern Kansas and a pocket map of Jasper, County Missouri.

Jasper County Property Ownership Map - #124. [Map : Map Drawer] A 1963 map of Jasper County Missouri showing property ownership.

State Mineralogist - #125. [Book : TD24 .C2 A2 1890] Annual report of the State Mineralogist from the California State mining bureau in 1890.

Neosho Chamber of Commerce Papers - #126. [Papers : 1 Folder] A Guide to the historical walking tour of Neosho, Missouri and a pamphlet on the Hornet Ghost (spook) light, published by the Neosho chamber of commerce from the 1960.s to the 1980.s.

M-P Construction Company of Carthage, Missouri - #127. [Book : HD9715 M6 1970] A Book of the photos produced by the Mayes-Potter Construction Company of Carthage, Missouri on construction projects, they were involved in Southwest Missouri.

Theodore Roosevelt Picture - #128. [Picture : Framed Picture] A Picture of President Theodore Roosevelt, signed by him dated Dec. 14, 1908.

Desegregation in a Border State: The Example of Joplin, Missouri - #129. [Paper : KF 4757 .Z9 B63 1989] A Paper done by Lori Bogle on desegregation in Joplin, Missouri.

Leggett & Platt - #130. [Reports : 1 Folder] Annual reports of Leggett & Platt incorporated of Carthage, Missouri.

Eagle- Picher - #131. [Reports : 1 Folder] Annual reports of Eagle- Picher Industries, Inc. of Joplin, Missouri.

The Battle of Carthage & Carthage in the Civil War - #132. [Booklet : E4722 .C675 1990] A Booklet by Steve Cottrell on Carthage during the Civil war.

Postcards for Missouri State Parks and Historic Sites - #133. [Postcards : 1 Folder] Postcards from the Missouri department of natural resources, of Missouri historic sites and state parks.

F.M Forbey Letters - #134. [Letters : 3 Boxes] Letters and correspondence from F.M Forbey and his family during WW II from 1942 to 1945.

Spracklen Collection - #135. [Books : ] Two books on the history of this area in 1906- 07. Joplin and Jasper County Missouri and the world.s greatest zinc and lead district.

Holden Missouri History - #136. [Book : F474 .H65 R48 1990] A Book on the history of some Holden, Missouri.s early leaders.

Mineral Museum Project - #137. [Papers : 1 File Cabinet] Papers from the mineral museum project in 1985. Consisting of Joplin Globe and Herald mining and news report, land abstracts, work projects and correspondence and some taped interviews of history in the area.

Irma Rawling Collection - #138. [Yearbooks : LD 3501] Yearbooks from Joplin and Webb City high schools 1955- 1968.

Letitia Denhartog - #139. [Atlas : G1019 .P216 1924] .The New World Atlas and Gazeteer. printed in 1924.

David Weems Collection - #140. [Letters and Oath : 1 Folder] Photocopies of letters to Isaac M. Carter a confederate States of America soldier. There are two originals included and a copy of a loyalty oath signed by David Weems on June 5, 1865.

Joplin Community Concert Association - #141. [Papers : 1 Folder] A News Release in 1975- 76 about their membership campaign. Jasper County Road Map - #142 . [Map : 1 Folder] 1991 Map from the Jasper County Commission giving a brief history of Jasper County, Missouri.

Glen Coleman Collection - #143. [Book and Pictures : on compact shelving] A Book entitled the man fenced the west and pictures from drawings used in the book.

State Senator A.L. McCawley Papers - #144. [Papers : 1 Folder] Photocopies on papers about the State Senator A.L. McCawley from Carthage, Missouri.

Musical Attractions and Artists - #145. [Papers : 1 Folder] A Paper listing musical attractions and artists that performed in the Joplin area from 1933-1962 by Mrs. Jay L.Wilder.

Isabella Cheek Letters - #146. [Papers : 1 Folder] Letters to Isabella Cheek. Covers the end of WWI through the depression 1918-1934. Reproductions.

Johann Mantler Letters- #147. [Letters : 1 Folder] Photocopies of letters from the Johan Mantler family in late 1800.s from his family in Austria.

Robert Bruckel Collection - #148. [Papers and Books : 1Box] 4 Books- .Brick Church and Parish House 1915.. .English Country Churches One Hundred Views 1898.. .Old World Inspiration for American Architecture 1929.. .Styles of Ornament Exhibited in designs 1906.. Papers and material related to building in Joplin area and the University of Notre Dame.

Ozark Christian College - #149. [Report : 1 Folder] An Annual Report on Ozark Christian College 1991.

Helen Efird Collection - #150. [Books : 1 Folder] (2 Books) A Pictorial Record of the Delegates to the United Nations Conference on International Organizations and The Story of America. Mrs. Efird worked at the United Nations meeting when it was held in San Francisco in 1945.

Plat Book of Jasper County, Missouri 1905 - #151. [Book : In Map drawer] Compiled from County Records and surveys, it has Township maps and shown cities and villages in the Jasper County area.

Small Business Administration Papers - #152. [Papers : 5 Boxes] Papers of the regional office of the Small Business Administration. The Papers deal with the activities of the SBA such as rural development and economic activity in the U.S. and particularly the four states of Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska, which make up Region 7 of the Small Business Administration.

Spring River Inn - #153. [Card : 1 Folder] A Card that gives a history of the S.E. Kansas area where the Spring River Inn is Located.

The Left Corner of My Heart - #154. [Book : D769.347 .M67 1984] Book about the 551st Parachute infantry Battalion during World War II, authored by Dan Morgan.

First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Neosho, Missouri: It.s past and it.s people - #155. [Book : BX 7331 .N465 D365 1985] A Book about the History of the first Christian church in Neosho, Missouri by Helen Morse and Michelle Morse with Violet Mills Carrick and Marilyn Land Walker.

Outlaw Collection - #156. [Books : In Special Collections] Special collection books on gunfighters and outlaws from the Joplin and Missouri area.

Richard Ferguson Collection -#157. [Papers : 3 Boxes] Papers, photos, magazines, and letters collected by Dick Ferguson on Pearl Harbor from 1941-1993.

Thomas Ward Papers - #158. [Papers : 1 Folder] Civil War Papers and letters of Thomas Ward from 1847-1865.

Tri-State Reports of Investigations and Information Circulars - #159. [Papers : 2 Boxes] 1949 to 1950 Information Circulars and Reports of investigation of mining of the Tri State area.

Bob Mays Collection - #160. [Papers : 1 Folder] Papers of the Atchison and Lander families, including a naturalization document, Postmaster appointment, Republican national Convention official position assignment and a Civil War Letter. Dates range from 1852 to 1908.

Joplin Council for the Arts - #161. [Papers : 1 Box] Papers from 1973 to 1971 of the Joplin Council for the arts, including minutes of meetings, Constitution, and by-laws of Joplin Little Theatre.

L.L. Smith Plantation - #162. [Photos : 1 Folder] Photos from Civil War history on L.L. Smith Plantation in 1962.

Trial By Water - #163. [Newspaper : Newspaper Rack] A paper from the Joplin Globe on the Missouri flood of 1993.

4- State Sports Show - #164. [Papers : 1 Box] Papers and photos from the 4-State Sports Show from 1955-59.

Dan Stewart Collection - #165. [Maps and Records : 5 Map Cases] Maps and Drill Logs and Reports about mining in the Tri State area. There is much information about the American Zinc Company.

Hancock II (Amendment 7) - #166. [Papers : 1 Box] Papers about the Amendment 7 Initiative in Missouri in 1994.

A Critical Evaluation Of The Speeches of Susan B. Anthony - #167. [Manuscript : 1 Folder] A Thesis for master of arts Degree by Ruth Florence Berman at University of Wisconsin in 1947.

W. O. Evans - #168. [Papers : 1 Box] Papers, scrapbooks, photos, and clippings from W. O. Evans family from 1912 to 1974.

Reassessing the Southwest Missouri Railroad - #169. [Paper : 1 Folder] A Paper on the Southwest Missouri. railroad done by David Cunningham of Joplin, Missouri.

The Civil War and Slavery in Missouri - #170. [Papers : 1 Folder] A bibliographic guide to secondary sources and selected primary sources by Mary Shearer. Civil War Letters .

Camp Parapet - #171. [Letters : 1 Folder] Civil War Letters about Camp Parapet in 1863. A Letterhead from first Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers.

Kappa Mu Epsilon Papers - #172. [Papers : 1 Folder] Papers from Kappa Mu Epsilon a mathematics Honor Society dating from 1935-1991.

Masons Papers Bibliography - #173. [Papers : 1 Folder] Papers and bibliography about the Masons.

Scottish Rite Papers - #174. [Papers : 1 Folder] Scottish Rites Papers and Bibliography.

Dave Ford Collection - #175. [Papers : In Mining Cabinet Drawer] Papers and (photocopies) about Sarcoxie, Missouri History including information about the Orphan Trains and local baseball teams.

Gene Taylor Tapes - #176. [Tapes : 1 Box] Tapes of Gene Taylor from Political Commercials and with his family. Donated by Harry Lightfoot who helped make many of his commercials.

Charles Edwards - #177. [Pictures, Drawings : In Mining Cabinet] Architectural drawings of Joplin Buildings by Truman martini, donated by Charles Edwards.

Otto Ruhl Papers - #178. [Papers : Boxes] Papers from Mining Engineer Otto Ruhl about mining in the Tri-State Lead and Zinc District, donated by John Mattes.

John Mattes Collection - #179. [Papers, Maps : 3 Boxes] Papers and maps about mining the Tri-State Lead and Zinc Districts donated by John Mattes from Mattes Bros. Construction Co.

Shember Collection - #180. [Photos : 1 Folder] Photos of mining in the Tri-State area and local history items related to Southwest Missouri and it also shows relatives of the Shember family, donated by Carlene and Jim Shember.

Architectural Drawings - #181. [Drawings : 1 Box] Architectural drawings from the 1960.s and 1970.s from Cornwell and McKinney and Associates.

Phillip and Betty Jones Collection - #182. [Papers : 1 Folder] Article on Evelyn Milligan and photos from the Jones family.

Paul Stevens Collection - #183. [Pictures : On Compact Shelving] Photos and Picture of Paul Stevens documenting his military career as a United States Navy aviator.

Julie Riley Collection - #184. [Papers : 1 Box] Papers . related to mining business in the Joplin area from 1899-1912. .We.ll Knock the Heligo into Heligo.

World War I Sheet Music . #185. [Sheet Music : 1 Folder] Sheet Music from 1917 with patriotic songs.

The Black and the Gold. . #186. [Sheet Music : 1 Folder] Sheet Music of the School Song for Neosho High School dated 1947. .American Association of University Women .

Joplin Chapter Papers. - #187. [Minutes and Papers] Minutes and Papers from the AAUW . Joplin Chapter. The papers date from the founding of the chapter in the 1920.s until 2000.

September 11, 2001 File - #188 - [Newspaper clippings: 1 Box] Newspaper Articles on events which happened on September 11, 2001.

Senator Marvin Singleton - # 189 - See "Guide to Senator Marvin Singleton Papers".

Jim Jackson Collection -#190 - [Papers: 1 Folder] Abstract of Title - Owned by Chas. M. Downs and wife - All of Lots numbered 290 and 291 in Skinner's Second Addition to Carl Junction , Title Insurance, Marriage Certificate - Scott W. Noland and Marsha D. Smith June 1971

Wallower-Hammons-Riley Video Collection - #191 - [video, script: 1 Folder] Working Script for 30-minute Historical TV Program, and Video "How the Wallowers of Pennsylvania Developed Southwest Missouri and Shaped Its History"

Fred G. Hughes Collection - #192 - [Papers: 4 Boxes] Various Papers on the civil war and many other topics from 1953 to 1986.

Mary Dainty Collection - #193 - [Photos: 1 Folder] Photograph - Kenneth Eugene Mauler, early 1960's, Memorial Service Schedule (photocopy), Photograph - Kenneth Mauler (photocopy), Letter from Eugene Mauler to Dad (photocopy - 2) Randal F. Dainty, WWII - videotapes (2)

Pierce City Collection - #194 - [Paper: 1 Folder] Visitors Guide - Peirce City Enterprise Kiwanis Club Schedule - "Ragtime Bob" Darch - September 1960, Vernon Smith for sheriff flyers (2)

Jeffers Collection - #195 - [Photos: 1 Folder] Photograph 1 - (Third row, left, black coveralls) Avery Franks Jeffers (Third row, 2nd from left) Willis John Jeffers, Photograph 2 - (l-r) Avery Franks Jeffers, Willis John Jeffers, Photograph 3 - (Third row, left, black coveralls) Avery Franks Jeffers, ( Third row, 2nd from left)Photograph 4 - (l-r) Avery Franks Jeffers, Willis John Jeffers,?

Old Missouri Newspapers - #196 - [Newspapers: 1 Folder] The Southwest Journal, Peirce City, Mo., October 19, 1901. (Photocopy),The Joplin Advance, Joplin, Mo., May 10, 1895(Photocopy), The Granby Miner, Granby, Mo., September 16, 1876,(Photocopies)(2),Indian Springs Echo, Indian Springs, McDonald County, Mo., March 10, 1882 (Photocopy) The First Kansas, Lexington, Mo., January 18, 1862, (Photocopy),The First Kansas, Chilicothe, Mo., October 13, 1861, (Photocopy), Equal Rights Gazette, Springfield, Mo., September 21, 1861 (Photocopy),The Missouri Army Argus, Camp near Oseolo, Mo.,1861 (Photocopy), The Missouri Army Argus, Camp near Oseolo, Mo.,December 7, 1861 (Photocopy)

Senate and House Bills- #197 - [Bills, Pens: 1 Folder] This file contains several senate and house bills which have been signed as well as the pens used to sign the bills. The bills in this file are House Bill #1304 and Senate Bill #1155.

War Ration Book Four - #198 - [Ration book: 1 Folder] War ration book produced by the USA office of Price Administration. War Ration Book Four issued to Fay B.Dabbs in Stella Mo.Contains Ration stamps for 1943.

Oral History Project - #199 - [Interview, tapes: 2 Boxes] Contains oral interviews on the history of various things completed by History Research students at MSSU. Tapes are from 2002-2004.

Guerillas in Jasper Co.: War is upon us: Civil War -#200 - [Paper: 1 Folder] This is a paper by S. Jones about Civil war in Jasper Co. Focusing on Guerilla warfare.

Selected Provost Marshal Records - #201 - [Paper: 1 Folder] Contains records about African Americans moving through Kansas. This is a paper dated 1862. It was donated by G. Loas.

Senator Gary Nodler Papers - #202 - [Papers: 12 Boxes] Papers are from legislation and committees Senator Nodler was on during his time in office. Contains Appropriations, legislation and privatization information.

Gail Renner Manuscripts - #203 - [Papers: 5 Boxes] These papers contain information about the Mineral Mining Museum as well as several different drafts of his book From Mining town to Urban center. It also has other information on issues related to mining and the Joplin area.

World War II Oral History Project - #204 - [CD's, papers: 1 Box] Contains interviews from Veterans of WWII completed by Bob Markman. It also contains consent forms. These interviews can also be found in the Library of Congress.

Carthage Press Civil War Centennial - #205 - [Books: 1 Box] Carthage Press Articles about the civil war June 28, 1961 Section A thru C.

Old Peace Church Cemetery Papers - #206 - [Papers: 1 Folder] Papers containing information on the cemetery and the people buried in the cemetery.

Blabloch Papers - #207 - [Papers, Pictures: 1 Folder] This folder contains papers and Pictures on Paul Blabloch's military service.