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Simulation Center

Simulation Center

Interdisciplinary Clinical Education  (SCICE)

The Simulation Center for Interdisciplinary Clinical Education

(SCICE) is located on the third floor of the newly constructed Health Science Building. The SCICE is a fully functioning lab that simulates a hospital environment containing state-of-the-art human patient simulators. The Center offers a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare education and includes skills/task training, team training, integrated Standardized Patients, medical-surgical simulations, disaster training and emergency and trauma care training, Life Support training and long-term care. The Simulation Center gives nurses, respiratory therapists, first responders and other healthcare providers the opportunity to learn and perfect the latest techniques and best practices for patient care and safety.

The Simulation Center provides an environment for students to practice and demonstrate a variety of clinical skills. Students learn psychomotor, physical assessment, and critical thinking skills necessary for clinical performance. Students have hands-on practice with the equipment and techniques they will need for the clinical setting.

Using the Health Sciences beautiful new simulation facility, students will build upon knowledge and experiences from previous courses, clinicals, and labs. Students work in teams to accomplish the patient scenario, in the safe, controlled environment of the simulation lab.

The Goal

The goal of the simulation center is to expose students to a variety of patient care settings with medical and nursing diagnoses and interventions that students have learned about in the didactic portion of their clinical education.