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Civil Rigths

Teacher Education Department


Brown at 50: King's Dream or Plessy's Nightmare? The report examines a decade of resegregation from the time of the Supreme Court's 1991 Dowell decision, which authorized a return to neighborhood schools even if that would create segregation, through the 2001-2002 school year

Disability Rights Links include: Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, discrimination, education, employment, housing, mentally disabled, and public accomodations

Fifty Years Later: Looking Back, Looking Forward (ADL) Photos documenting Brown

Immigration Rights Links include: asylum/refugee, detention, discrimination, judicial review/access to the courts, secret evidence, and workplace rights

Lesbian and Gay Rights Links include: various issues and current legal and legislative documents

Losing Our Future: How Minority Youth are Being Left Behind by the Graduation Rate Crisis Research project report

Minority Children with Disabilities will be Harmed in Disproportionate Numbers if IDEA's Discipline Safeguards Are Reduced or Eliminated The article considers "Zero Tolerance" for minor misbehavior and how it might impact minority children with disabilities

NEA Celebrates 50th Anniversary of 'Brown v. Board of Education' Overview of landmark court decision

Racial Justice Links include: affirmative action, racial profiling, housing, minority voting, and drug policy

Rage and Hope: Critical Pedagogy Critical education studies are introduced

Women's Rights Links include: criminal justice, discrimination, violence, education, employment, poverty/welfare, and pregnancy/parenting