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EMS Special Course Costs

PARA 101 Escaping Violent Encounters—$35.00

Mats, pads, protective equipment, and supplies—$35.00

PARA 220 Emergency Medical Technician—$390.00


Liability Insurance—$75.00

Examination Software—$45.00

Clinical Scheduling and Tracking Software—$45.00

Equipment and Supplies—$80.00

National Registry Written Examination—$70.00

(Must be taken within 30 days of graduation)

PARA 251 EMS Foundations—500.00

EMS Uniforms—$175.00


Liability Insurance—$75.00

Examination Software—$75.00

Clinical Scheduling and Tracking Software—$75.00

Program Supplies—$50.00

PARA 255 Paramedic Skills—$365.00

Laboratory Supplies and Equipment—$365.00

(IV supplies, oxygen administration, gloves, ECG supplies, medications, dressings and bandages, airway supplies, etc.

PARA 370 Clinical Practicum—$275.00

Travel St. Louis for Pediatric and unique clinical experiences—$275.00

(Covers transportation, fuel, and lodging for 4 days/3 nights) 

PARA 395 EMS Seminar—290.00

Board Examination Preparation Course—$180.00

National Registry Written Exam—$110.00

(Must be taken within 30 days of graduation)