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Continuous Process Improvent Minor

Engineering Technology Department

This minor was developed for non-Engineering Technology majors and focuses on skills and techniques used to improve processes and systems in a variety of industries. Any student majoring in business, health, criminal justice, CIS, biology, chemistry, technical writing or other fields will increase their competitiveness with this minor because any organization benefits from reducing cost and increasing productivity and quality. Students can apply within their industry for positions such as improvement analyst, improvement specialist, improvement coordinator, process improvement associate.


Minor in Continuous Improvement

Major Code IE85 Credit Hours
Required ET Curriculum   18
IET 320 Applied Statistical Quality Control 3  
IET 470 Six Sigma Methodology 3  
IET 380 Principles of Lean 3  
Select ONE from:    
IET 315 Probability & Statistics for
Engineering Technologists
MATH 310 Elementary Statistics 3  
GB 321 Business Statistics 3  
Psy 320 Applied Statistics for the Behavioral
and Natural Sciences
Select TWO from:    
IET 355 Work Measurement/Ergonomics 3  
IET 205 Computer Applications and
Cost Analysis
IET 425 Design of Experiments (WI) 3  

2017 - 2018 Catalog: Continuous Process Improvement Certificate or Minor