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Sociology & Anthropology

About The Degree:

If you are interested in societies and social behavior, including their beginnings, progress, organization, networks and institutions, Sociology is the degree for you.  You can study a plethora of subjects - crime, religion, race and social class, common beliefs , social stability and radical social change. Sociology cuts to the core, investigating the social causes and consequences of  such things as gender and racial identity, religion, family conflict, deviant behavior, aging and much more.

What Can I Do With This Major? 

Your Future with Our Sociology Degree

As a graduate of Missouri Southern's sociology program, you will harness your passion for humanity and society into a fulfilling, life-long career.

  • Work as a volunteer coordinator for a non-profit.
  • Research social science and analyze data for universities or different sectors of the federal government.
  • Help students make good decisions by pursuing a career as a guidance counselor.
  • Use your knowledge of how people interact to work in human resources.

What You'll Learn:

  • The successful student will develop a stock of knowledge of basic sociological concepts, such as society, culture, socialization, stratification, social structure, social interaction, groups, organizations, bureaucracy, social institutions, prejudice, deviance, diversity, collective behavior, social movements, and social change.
  • The successful student will apply meaningfully the sociological imagination to his or her life.
  • When presented with a novel research question, the successful student will be able to compare and contrast classical and contemporary theoretical orientations to the problem.
  • When presented with a novel research question, the successful student will be able to use the scientific method to identify an appropriate research method and data collection method for investigating the problem.
  • The successful student will demonstrate the information literacy skill set needed to conduct basic research in sociology.
  • The successful student will be able to understand basic statistics and use standard software packages to analyze data.
  • The successful student will be able to write an objective and accurate sociological account of a social event, topic, issue, or problem.
  • The successful student will be able to organize and give an effective and coherent oral presentation on sociological topic.

This Degree is Great for You if:

  • You want to learn how to take a critical look at human social life and perform research.
  • You want to look beyond the obvious to develop a deeper understanding of human society.
  • You want to work in social services, community work, teaching, law enforcement or business.


Current Catalog

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts - Sociology

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science - Sociology

Bachelor of Science in Education

Social Science Education Major Option 1, Grades 9-12
Social Science Education Major Option 2, Grades 9-12
Social Studies Education Major, Grades 5-9


Anthropology Minor Sociology Minor


Cultural Anthropology Certificate

Gender Studies Certificate

Social Institutions Certificate