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Music Minor

About The Minor:

Minor in Music allows you the option to concentrate a portion of your university study on music. This could benefit you if you see the minor as an extension of your major field (such as theatre ) or if you see music as a serious avocation but not a career. A music minor can be paired with participation in musical groups on the university or community levels or extend your knowledge of music for your own personal edification and enjoyment.

What You'll Learn:

  • The minor in music requires two four-hour courses in music theory (Music 111 and Music 112).
  • Participation in a large ensemble (one-hour course) for 4 semesters.
  • Two semesters of applied music electives (two-hours total).
  • A total of seven hours of music electives (six hours in upper division classes): This must be made with prior approval of your music advisor.

The Minor is Great if:

  • You are interested in music but don't plan to be a music teacher or professional musician.
  • A minor in music could be a valuable addition to your chosen major.
  • You want to increase your knowledge base to better appreciate music as a listener and/or performer.


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Music Minor

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