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Chamber & Special Ensembles

Music Dept

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Chamber Ensembles

The Chamber Ensemble program consists of various types of small ensembles including woodwind trios & quartets, a tuba and euphonium ensemble, and brass quintet. The literature ranges from early Classical to 20th century. All ensembles have an hour long coaching session with a faculty member each week and are expected to rehearse for another hour outside the regular coaching time. Performances include a Chamber Concert at the conclusion of each semester and any other events that might require small ensemble playing. For more information please contact Dr. Cheryl Cotter.



 Brass Choir

This Brass Choir is made up of both majors and non-majors who wish to play in a mid-sized brass ensemble setting.  Much of the repertoire is from the British Brass Band tradition, although they additionally play a variety of exceptional transcriptions of known works that are not typically arranged for brass instruments.  For more information, please contact Ms. Robin Sisk.



Percussion Ensemble

The Percussion Ensemble is comprised of both music majors and non-majors and performs as an exciting ensemble on and off campus. Using world instruments like taiko drums, timbales, and steel pan drums as well as traditional percussion like marimba, vibraphone, snare and wood block, the ensemble members have the opportunity to learn about and perform a wide variety of styles and types of music.  Contact Chase Neely for more information.



Trumpet Ensemble

Trumpet Ensemble This highly specialized group is comprised of both trumpet majors and non-majors at Missouri Southern. The Trumpet Ensemble is an outgrowth of the MSSU Trumpet Studio and serves to further the art of trumpet performance through concentrated instruction, small ensemble performance, and rehearsal instruction. Membership in the MSSU Trumpet Ensemble is open to any Missouri Southern trumpet student. A wide variety of literature is covered from what many call the glory years of the baroque highlighted by composers such as Giovanni Gabrieli, Andrea Gabrieli, and Samuel Scheidt, to modern contemporary composers such as Eric Ewazen and Anthony Plog. The ensemble performs at a variety of venues both on and off campus. For more information please contact professor Freddie Green.



 Tuba & Euphonium Ensemble

The Tuba & Euphonium Ensemble is a fun group who have taken to showing off the capabilities of these low brass instruments.  Both majors and non-majors are encouraged to participate in this unique ensemble, providing students a great opportunity for their low brass to shine in their own spotlight.  Please contact Ms. Robin Sisk for more information.