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Invided Speakers


Title: Oh The Places I’ve Been and the Math I Saw There!

Abstract: From the Rhind Papyrus housed on the wall of the offices in the Egyptology department of the British Museum, to the elliptical houses of the Rapa Nui on Easter Island, there is math to be found everywhere.

Part travelogue, part math and math history lecture, this talk will inspire you to see the world and to keep your eyes open for mathematical artifacts as well as math hidden in the everyday lives of the people of ancient and modern cultures.

Title: Women and Mathematics in the Time of Euler

Abstract: This talk examines some female contemporaries of Euler, some famous, some not so famous. We will look at mathematics that was written both by     and for women in the time of Euler.

Title: Multiplicities in positive characteristic

Abstract: The study of rings defined over fields of positive characteristic has long been a deep focus in modern commutative algebra and algebraic geometry. Even classic problems, like those involving invariants of group actions become subtle and intricate.

This talk will survey recent advances in the study of singularities in such settings; focusing in particular on those measured by asymptotic colengths, also known as multiplicities. The most famous of which, the Hilbert-Samuel multiplicity is available in all characteristics and has naturally a long history. A purely positive characteristic version, the Hilbert-Kunz multiplicity, captures detailed information and is much less well understood. A particularly interesting note is that while many of these definitions are of a simple nature, the calculation and ramifications remain one of the strongest driving forces among researchers in the area.