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Mathematics Department

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The Mathematics Department of Missouri Southern plays several key roles within the University. The Department provides the mathematics portion of the General Education requirements. For disciplines with a larger quantitative component, the Department offers courses that develop the mathematical tools that students in these disciplines will need. The department also offers courses that aid future teachers. Courses are supplied for mathematics majors that will prepare them for students who seek careers in academics, industry, and government.

A small selection of courses is provided to increase any future elementary teacher's command of mathematics and imbue them with confidence in its use and instruction. For prospective middle school and secondary mathematics teachers, the department offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to ensure that these students have both mastery of the material they will be teaching and a depth of understanding that will allow them to see this material in a larger context.

About the Faculty of the Mathematics Department

The faculty members of the Mathematics Department of MSSU are committed to excellence in all of their teachings. The faculty members recognize that a successful department is dependent on successful students; the faculty devotes a great deal of energy to communicating mathematics, both in and out of the classroom, in ways that the students will understand and remember. Department faculty members are in constant pursuit of techniques that will further the effectiveness of their teaching and that will promote an environment conducive to the current and future success of its students.

Why pick Mathematics as a career?

In our increasingly technological society, the needs, uses, and applications of mathematics are only continuing to increase in demand and variety. Persons with quantitative ability and training are in high demand.

Career opportunities include:

  • Engineering
  • Computer Sciences
  • Economics
  • Statistics
  • Operations Research
  • Management
  • Education

Graduates from Missouri Southern are enjoying success in all of these areas. Some graduates choose to begin careers immediately after graduation; others choose to continue their education in graduate school. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for either path. The computational mathematics option allows students to obtain a double major in mathematics and computer science.

General Education Requirements

General Education Requirements for the bachelors and the associate of arts degree can be met with any mathematics course numbered 120 or above. Note the limitations on MATH 119 in the course descriptions.

General Education Requirements for the associates of science degree can be met with any mathematics course numbered 030 or above.

Mathematics Course Requirements

For students majoring in mathematics, mathematics education, computational math or minoring in math, only courses in which they have earned a grade of 'C' or above can be used to satisfy departmental mathematics requirements and supporting requirements. Mathematics courses used as prerequisites require a grade of 'C' or better. Placement in the first college math course is based on the student's score on the Mathematics Section of the ACT. More information is available in the individual course description or the Mathematics Department Office.