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Mathematics Minor

About The Degree:

Do you have a love for numbers and equations? Would your degree be enhanced with an added emphasis in math? A minor in mathematics can benefit you in many ways, especially if you plan to go into a financial, business, technology, or science-related field. Coursework in math will naturally complement a wide array of degreesfrom accounting to computer information scienceand with the freedom of our elective courses, you can pick classes that reflect your preferred area of mathematics.

You'll Learn:

  • An analytical approach to advanced mathematics
  • How people use math to influence, shape, and change the world around us
  • Critical and analytical thinking skills
  • Different methods and strategies to solve problems and equations

This Is For People Who:

  • Would like to get a job as a computer game developer or programmer
  • Plan to work in the financial world (like a financial adviser)
  • Plan to apply to graduate programs in a field where mathematics would come in handy
  • Love solving problems
  • Plan to go into a business, technology, or science-related field
  • Are critical and analytical thinkers
  • Love patterns


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Mathematics Minor

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