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Faculty and Staff

Dr. Zak Watson, Department Chair

PhD in English from the University of Missouri
Master of Arts in Comparative Literature from the University of Georgia

Teaching Responsibilities: Literature, Composition
Research Interests: The aesthetics of the sublime, Gender and genre, Psychoanalysis, Time in and of reading
Advising Areas: Literary Studies, BSE in English

Office: Kuhn Hall 203B
Phone:  417-625-3054

Dr. Zak Watson

Dr. Susana Liso-Aldaz

Associate Professor of Spanish

Doctorate in Spanish Peninsular Literature from Ohio State University
Master's in Spanish Linguistics from Ohio State University

Teaching Responsibilities: Spanish Grammar, Spanish Literature and Culture
Research Interests: Re-creation of a nation's identity in 18th, 19th, and 20th century Spanish Peninsular literature, Discourse of domestic women in 18th, 19th, and 20th century Spanish Peninsular literature
Advising Areas: Senior Assessments (all languages), Sigma Delta Pi, Spanish Club, Spanish Concentration Majors (BA, FL02)

Office: Kuhn Annex 106
Phone: 417-625-9655

Dr. Susana Liso-Aldaz

Dr. Leslie Smith

Associate Professor of Spanish

Doctor of Education in Literacy, Culture and Language Education from Indiana University - Bloomington
Master of Arts in Spanish from University of Arkansas

Teaching Responsibilities: Spanish, Education
Research Interests: Proficiency Development, Bilingual Education
Advising Areas: Certificate of Language Competency (all languages) & Senior Assessments (French & Spanish)

Office: Kuhn Annex 103
Phone: 417-625-3109

Dr. Leslie Smith

Emily Boydston

Administrative Assistant 

Office: Kuhn Hall 203
Phone: 417-625-9377

emily boydston