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Show-Me Gold Officer Training Program

The Missouri Army National Guard Officer Leadership Program


The Missouri Army National Guard Officer Leadership Program (SHOW-ME GOLD) offers individuals the opportunity for professional development to become officers in the Missouri Army National Guard. The officer training program will consist of credit-bearing classroom instruction, leadership laboratories, and physical training.

Those who qualify for any of Southern's merit-based scholarships will be eligible to apply those benefits to books, costs, and expenses.

Students have the opportunity to earn a minor in military science while participating in the Show me Gold Program. Students enrolled in the program will learn valuable leadership and Soldier skills while also maintaining physical fitness.

  • Up to 100% tuition Assistance
  • Possible Bonus
  • Student Loan repayment
  • Up to $439 monthly for the Montgomery GI Bill
  • At least $333 for monthly drill pay

Student participants in the program must satisfy the admissions standards of both Missouri Southern State University and the Missouri Army National Guard.


Contact the Department

Captain Stephen J. Burgess

Phone: 417-659-3710



All marketing and recruitment materials on the Show-Me Gold webpage are for the purposes of the Missouri Army National Guard Officer Training Program and should not be considered an endorsement of Missouri Southern State University by the Department of Defense or other military units or their agents.