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Legal Studies Minor

About the Degree

The minor in Legal Studies, open to all majors, allows the student to study legal issues and the superstructure of the law to better understand legal issues that exist in other academic disciplines. A student might use the minor to better understand the criminal justice system, critical race theory and feminist issues, legalities of the market, and other issues of professional and personal interest or importance.

What You Will Study

  • The course of study involves classes in Critical Thinking, Legal Research and Professional or Technical Writing.
  • It will additionally cover the judicial process including Constitutional Law and the Philosophy of Law.
  • 300 and 400 level courses will concentrate on the Criminal Evidence, the Legal Environment of Business and Employment Law.

This Minor is Great for You if:

  • Your chosen major or field of endeavor touches on issues of legality or government.
  • You plan to work for a county, state or federal government.
  • Your future includes politics, publishing, or a Master's or Ph.D. program in nearly any discipline.


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Minor in Legal Studies

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