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Crime Scene Investigation Minor

About the Degree:

Do you love those moments during the popular television dramas when crime scene investigators begin their work? Do you recognize that, although television may take liberties in their presentations, in the professional world, crime scene investigators really do perform some of the most valuable investigations in the world of criminal justice? You can take a giant step toward working in this field with a minor in crime scene investigation from Missouri Southern State University.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to investigate a crime scene using the correct skills for photography, diagramming and collecting physical evidence.
  • How to write reports and present possible testimony from a crime scene investigation inside the courtroom.
  • How to function as an investigator at the local, state and federal levels.

This Degree is Great for You if:

  • You want to become a crime scene investigator/technician.
  • You want to take part in the technical field of crime scene investigations.
  • You want to be a fire inspector/investigator.

Options/Course of Study

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CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) Minor