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Corrections Minor

About the Degree:

The Corrections minor from Missouri Southern State University is a 24-credit program open to all students with a faculty advisor. This minor is designed to prepare students who are contemplating careers in the field of adult or juvenile corrections  or related pursuits.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Invaluable information on the Criminal Justice system, probation and parole.
  • Juvenile corrections, correction practices, criminology and deviant behavior.
  • Penology and Corrections and the psychology of personal adjustment.

This Degree is Great for You if:

  • You are seeking a job as an adult or juvenile justice corrections officer.
  • You want to explore opportunities as an officer, pre-trial or post-trial investigator or detentions officer.
  • You are majoring in criminal justice, psychology, sociology or related fields and plan on working in corrections.

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Corrections Minor

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