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Department of English and Philosophy

English Department

Our Mission

MSSU's Department of English and Philosophy offers several major tracks in English leading to the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Education degrees. The Department provides students with General Education Requirements courses in composition and literature. These courses emphasize writing and analytical skills and cultivate an appreciation of literature in all its variety. The department  also offers training and experiences that help fulfill the University's International Mission.

Bachelor of Arts in English:

The B.A. in English provides an excellent preparation for graduates who plan to enter business and industry, who plan to pursue graduate studies in English and who plan to enter professional schools such as law and medicine.  Graduates of this program are employed in such diverse occupations as human resources, advertising, publishing, sales management, law, mass communications and college teaching. English majors develop strong skills in writing organization and creativity and they develop a perception of and appreciation for the human values that grow out of the study of literature.

The Bachelor of Arts English major at Missouri Southern includes two majors:.

Literary Studies Emphasis:

The literary studies emphasis focuses on the traditional study of literature, preparing the student for advanced study of English in graduate school, for law school and for a variety of careers in which understanding of human nature, critical thinking and oral and written communication skills are valued.

Professional/Technical Writing Emphasis:

This emphasis prepares the student for more specialized careers involving writing in the workplaces, such as public relations, copy writing and editing, technical writing and desktop publishing.  

Bachelor of Science in Education: English Major

The Bachelor of Science in Education English degree prepares students who wish to teach English/Language Arts at the secondary level (grades 9-12). The English BSE program is accredited by the National Council on Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), following all the guidelines for teacher preparation of both of these organizations.

Taking a prescribed set of courses in Teacher Education and in English, candidates for this degree may choose to certify to teach English as a single field   (Plan B) or English plus another field   (Plan A). Students who wish to certify to teach English/Language Arts in the middle school should consult the Teacher Education Program information in the MSSU College Catalog

Three Exciting English Minors

The English and Philosophy Department also offers an English minor with a choice of three emphases.

  • The minor in English with an emphasis in literature, is a traditional English minor that allows students to deepen their knowledge of literature and writing.

  • The minor with a writing emphasis is designed to develop students' writing skills and to provide them with a way to present their accomplishments to prospective employers and graduate schools.  

  • The minor in English with a creative writing emphasis provides an avenue for students to explore their creativity through the written word, regardless of academic major.

The department provides students with opportunities to use their talents and pursue their interests through Sigma Tau Delta, our department's chapter of the national honors society and  through bordertown, our student-run annual magazine dedicated to publishing the creative writing of MSSU students. Students may also take advantage of other writing opportunities on campus.

The Minor in Philosophy

The Philosophy course of study at Missouri Southern includes courses on ethics, ancient and modern philosophy, biomedical/medical ethics, comparative religion and more.  Philosophy trains  you to become a more active thinker, inquirer and provlem solver. The study of PHilsophy hones your abilities in argumentation, critical and moral thinking, absstrqacti reasoning, analytic and synthetic reasoning and more. 

For information, visit the Philosophy page.