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Law Enforcement Continuing Education

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We are excited to announce that Law Enforcement Training has a new website starting January 2016.

Missouri Southern State University's continuing education for law enforcement provides the opportunity for officers to fine tune their skills as well as meet the Missouri P.O.S.T. license requirement of 48 hours of continuing education every three years. Missouri Southern State University takes pride in providing officers good quality training in a variety of different criminal justice areas. Missouri Southern has been fortunate enough to acquire high profile instructors ranging from local, state, and federal agencies. The Criminal Justice Department at MSSU has the ability to also reach throughout the state of Missouri and offer continuing education training at cooperating host sites. Missouri Southern State University works in conjunction with Missouri Division of Highway Safety to provide training at no cost or minimal costs.

MSSU has taken steps to further reach the officers of Missouri in offering a 40 hour Interactive Televised Advanced Law Enforcement Training Session. Previous courses offered in this program have been officer survival, leadership in policing, victim in criminal justice systems, new law updates, narcotic investigations, and racial profiling.

MSSU hosts a 40-hour In Service

This is a weeklong advance law enforcement training seminar in January that repeats in February and March. This training is designed so that departments will have the ability to provide every officer in their department with the exact same training over a period of three months. Take a look at our current seminar training schedule in a pdf or word format posted under seminars.

As today's society watches televised crime scene and forensic shows, that often depict an inaccurate method of investigating, MSSU offers an extensive Crime Scene Investigator Certification course to combat these misconceptions. This is one of the most comprehensive crime scene schools in the United States, and offers over 60 hours of hands on, practical exercises with the latest technology available.

Missouri Southern takes pride in furthering the careers of many people in as many ways possible. MSSU recently purchased a PATROLSIM IV. The PATROLSIM IV provides simulated driving scenario training to improve driving behaviors and road awareness. MSSU faculty went a step further and integrated the PATROLSIM IV (driving simulator) and F.A.T.S. (use of force system) into one interactive scenario. This is just one example of MSSU's efforts towards creating new ways to offer advanced training.

Vital, high quality, intensive training to facilitate your needs

Spend just a few more minutes navigating through MSSU's Criminal Justice Department home page to become familiar with our program. Under the appropriate tabs you will be able to gain information about MSSU's Law Enforcement Academy, degree programs offered, faculty members, and a tour of the justice center.

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact Missouri Southern State University at 417-625-9758.