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The 2017 Southern Media Showcase Day was held on December 7

      Southern Media Showcase 2017

The contest involved student projects produced between Dec. 2, 2016 and October 12, 2017.  Entries were submitted electronically from October 1 to October 23, 2017.  
The day featured a presentation by Phillip Cross, an invesigative television news reporter from Oklahoma City. Cross is a Missouri Southern graduate.  The program also featured video highlights of some of the entries and award presentations to students.
Information on the award winners is posted on the Missouri Southern newsletter, MOSO Minute.

The 2018 competition is scheduled for December 6, 2018.

If your school wishes more information , the media instructor should contact Kisa Clark at or via phone at 417-625-3120 for instructions and the link to the competition platform.  Schools who participated in 2017 should recieve updates throughout the year.

2017 Publication Categories

    Best Overal Publication
    Feature Writing
    News Photography
    News Writing
    Sports Photography
    Sports Writing
    Page One Design
    Info Graphic - graphic and/or visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly
    Multimedia - any publication piece that utilizes interactivity and/or links to multiple mediums within that specific publication project (audio, video, photos)
    Photoshop Battle (Note:  2017 image shown)

Turtle for photoshop battle competition

2018 Video/Audio Categories     

Animation (5 min. max)
    Comedy (30 min. max)
    Drama (30 min. max)
    Documentary (30 min. max)
    Commercial (2 min. max)
    PSA (2 min. max)
    Music Videos (5 min. max)
    Epic Movie Trailer (2 min. max) - Create a fake movie trailer
    Five Second Video (exactly 5 seconds in length) - Must have a storytelling theme
    Four Lines of Dialogue (3 min. max) - Project can only contain the following dialogue, in this order:
            - What do you want to do today?
            - Something fun.
            - How about we go here?
            - What happened?
News/Feature Package (5 min. max) - A story/report that includes sound bites, cover video, and a voice over by the storyteller.
Sports Package (5 min. max) - A story/report related to sports that includes sound bites, cover video, and a voice over by the storyteller.
Sports Programming (30 min. max) - Portion of play-by-play, in-studio sports program, other special sports-related projects
Podcast (10 min. max) - A personal audio broadcast that includes a conversation about a topic of interest for broadcast to an audience and may include a music bed and sound effects.